Are Messenger Bags Bad For Your Back

Are Messenger Bags Bad For Your Back? | Proper Guide About Messenger Bag Usage

If you are one of those people who try to know about the query, are messenger bags bad for your back? Then you are in the right place because here, you will learn everything about messenger bags, their usage, and whether they are good or bad for your back.

After which you can make a decision whether you need it or not.

People with daily usage of the bag usually need to have a messenger bag, but many people say that using the messenger bag is bad for your health and especially for your back. Well, sometimes it is while other times not.

Actually, It depends upon the usage of the messenger bag itself. It is bad for your back if you don’t use it correctly, but you don’t need to worry about it if you try to use it the way it’s meant to be. So what’s the proper way of using a messenger bag?

Are Messenger Bags Bad for Your Back?

There are a lot of different studies and research showing that messenger bags are bad for your back and not suitable for your good health.

If you are conscious about your health, you should avoid using it in the first place.

But you may ask why it is bad for health. Well, it is because of some primary reason, and those reasons are given below, so check it in a few seconds.

Having One Strap To Carry The Load

Unlike other bags, the messenger bag has only one strap, which goes on one side, and those straps put all of the weight on one shoulder and one side of the back.

In comparison, other backpacks have dual straps, which distribute the weight properly and help you carry the weight with comfort and relaxation.

Mainly Use for Regular Walk

Messenger bags are made for a regular walk and not for bike riding, but some people put a lot of weight in the bag and travel on the bike while wearing it in the back, and this puts too much weight on the back, which then leads to some serious back troubles.

Besides, all the improper ways of using a messenger bag are not as bad as people describe them.

Many physicians also say that the back pain and other back problems don’t caused by messenger bags but are due to improper usage, including overweighting and improper use.

If you put the proper and limited weight in the messenger bag, then it won’t be bad for your back at all.


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Should I Get Messenger Bag or Not?

Well, it depends upon your needs and use. If you have a lot of carrying weight, then you shouldn’t bother to get a messenger bag in the first place because it’s not that durable as compared to other backpacks in terms of weight carrying capacity.

But if you are a college student or have less weight to carry like clothes, a laptop, and some books, then this bag is the way to go. This weight won’t cause you any problems with your back but don’t forget to switch the side of the bag from time to time so it won’t affect your shoulder and back too much.

The messenger bag has a lot of advantages over other bags. One of the things that makes this messenger bag usable is its accessibility. It may not be suitable for other long runs, but it doesn’t mean that you should not get it.

How to Improve Health while Using Messenger Bag:

The bag is something you can’t avoid using due to its ease while carrying your stuff, but you need to keep it at a level so that it improves it instead of damaging your health.

It can be done with several small additions which make it suitable for your health.

First, pack the messenger bag light, which is comfortable to carry and prevents your back from hurting. Pack light means moving stuff you need and avoiding things you don’t like having required books at lectures.

Also, carry a laptop when you need it unless you don’t; a table also does the job of a laptop.

Must Choose a Wider Strap Messenger Bag:

Whenever you select your messenger bag, don’t forget to choose the one with wider straps. It is because it can keep the weight on your shoulder correctly, which makes it comfortable to carry around, and it also distributes the weight among the shoulder evenly.

Switching Sides:

One of the essential things you need to keep an eye on is switching sides while traveling, and by switching sides, I mean changing the straps from one shoulder to another shoulder. By doing this, your shoulder and back get time to relax. 

Also, you can follow the below points to prevent your back and shoulder from hurting.

The total weight of the messenger bag should be equivalent to 10% of your total weight.

Pack only that stuff that you need and not more than that.

Change and switch the messenger bag straps after some time.

Also, carry it with your hand for some time to provide comfort for your back.


A messenger bag is bad for your back if you don’t follow safety rules, but if you do, then you don’t have to worry about it.

If you need a bag for normal daily usage, get a messenger bag because it is lightweight, but if your intention is other than that, you should choose another type of bag.

I hope I have shared everything about the topic: Are shoulder bags bad for your back? But if you have any queries regarding this topic, let me know in the comment section, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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