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Best Backpack With Secret Compartment

backpack with secret compartment

Do you have any girlfriend and want to give her a surprise gift? It’s easy to purchase the gift, but it’s challenging to keep the gift safe because maybe you have naughty friends or family members that usually take every precious thing from you, and you can’t ignore them due to close relations.

Have you heard about a backpack with secret compartment? This will help you to keep your precious things secure and hidden from your naughty friends.

Besides this, you can put every personal thing in the secret compartment of the bag. This is why I have compiled the list of the top seven best backpacks with secret compartment.

These secret compartment backpacks are very secure, and no one would find the secret compartment in your pack to stole something from your bag that is very important for you.

Now I would not waste your essential time, scroll down and check all the packs one by one, and chose the best one for your self that should complete all your needs and comes under your budget.

Top 7 Best Backpack With Secret Compartment

Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Slim Laptop BackpackHeritage-Kenneth Cole Luggage3.4 ouncesCheck Price on Amazon
Vera Bradley Women’s Performance BackpackVera Bradley2.35 poundsCheck Price on Amazon
XD Design Bobby Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack with USB PortXDDesign1.76 PoundsCheck Price on Amazon
Dime Bags Original Hemp Backpack Includes Secret PocketDime Bags1.80 lbsCheck Price on Amazon
Eagle Creek Backpack With Secret CompartmentEagle Creek0.84 kgCheck Price on Amazon
Targus Drifter II Backpack With Secret CompartmentTargus2.6 poundsCheck Price on Amazon
ProEtrade Backpack for School Student Travel BackpackPro Etrade 1.8lbCheck Price on Amazon

Laptop Bag With Secret Compartment

1. Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Slim Laptop Backpack



  • Product Price: $$$.
  • Weight: 3.4 ounces.
  • Brand: Heritage-Kenneth Cole Luggage.

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Slim Laptop backpack has a beneficial RFID secret pocket feature at a perfect position on the interior of the backpack’s low back padding.

This hidden pocket lets you secure all your personal used items in it, which may be your wallet, ID card, Passport, and some other small items that you want to hide from your fellows.

Due to this beneficial feature, I have kept the Kenneth Cole Reaction bag at the first position on the list of the best backpack with secret compartment.

Besides the bag’s secret compartment, it also has a small zipper pocket at the front portion of the bag with brush polyester fabric, which would be perfect for protecting all your valuables. This front pocket is also used for frequently used items because of the easy access feature.

The Kenneth Cole Reaction secret compartment backpack is also checked point-friendly, which means you would not remove your laptop at airport security checkpoints.

When it comes to the backpack storage, a very roomy main compartment with an internal file pocket, where you would keep all paperwork and files, also has a small inside mesh pocket and a tablet pocket where you would keep your tablet safe and secure.

One more tricky feature is the back strap of the backpack, through which you can easily attach the backpack to the rolling suitcase, roll over the pack on the suitcase handle, and move on.

Key Features:
  • Secret RFID Zipper Pocket Feature
  • Friendly Check Point Feature
  • Inside Tablet Sleeve
  • Easy Access Front Compartment
  • Strong Hardware
  • Back Strap to Attach with Rolling Suitcase
  • Tons of Multiple Useful Pockets
  • Big and roomy
  • High-quality leather
  • Padded Laptop section
  • Durable back strap
  • Not for long trip


Best Women’s Backpack With Secret Pocket

2. Vera Bradley Women’s Hidden Pocket Backpack



  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 2.35 pounds.
  • Brand: Vera Bradley.

The Vera Bradley Women’s hidden pocket backpack is nice and sturdy for a trip or a school. The pack has two hidden pockets, one at the front of the bag and the other at the back of the bag, which is very useful and easy to use.

If you are a technology lover and have a Laptop and Tablet, this pack also has inside mesh pockets that can be used as a laptop and tablet compartment to keep it safe and secure.

When it comes to the backpack’s external fabric, no problem would be found in it, made of thick and double quilted fabric, obviously water repellent quality polyester used in it.

The pack also has four slip pockets and three pen slip pockets. The pack also has one clear ID pocket and one easy-access front pocket, which can be used for frequently used items.

Overall this women’s backpack with secret compartment has a nice and well-made structure and has all the features that women can use without any difficulty.

Key Features:
  • Two Hidden Back and Front Pocket
  • One Mian Compartment
    • Secured with durable zipper
  • Clear ID Pocket
  • Full Padded Shoulder  Straps
  • One Back Strap
    • Used it to attached with Rolling Luggage
  • Water Repallent Polyester
  • Strong silver zippers
  • Adjustable shoulders straps
  • Multip[le useful pockets
  • Side pockets for water bottle
  • Excellent water repellent fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Would not be lose when fully loaded
  • The large size laptop would not be fit

Anti Theft Bag With Secret Compartment

3. XD Design Bobby Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack with USB Port



  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 76 Pounds.
  • Brand: XDDesign.

The XD Design Bobby Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack with USB Port is a tech-friendly backpack with secret compartment for personal items.

The secret pocket of the bag is located at the side of the pack also a small zipper pocket at one side of the bag to secure your essentials.

When it comes to the pack’s exterior quality, pure polyester fabric is acceptable and washable all the time.

Nowadays everyone is using mobile phone throughout the day and on a trip, what would happen when the battery gets low on a trip? This tech-friendly backpack would help you because if it’s a USB charging port at any time, you want to use it.

Overall this smart backpack with a secret compartment is a perfect choice with a slim design and smart features. Very Recommended among the bags with secret pocket.

Key Features:
  • Two Secret Pockets
  • Large Enough Main Compartment
  • Two Pockets for Laptop and Tablet
  • Excellent USB Port
  • Multiple Small Internal Pockets
  • One Beverage Inside Holder
  • Fully Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Nice and sturdy design
  • Smart and easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Excellent USB charging port quality
  • No front pocket for frequently used items

Best Travel Bag With Secret Compartment

4. Dime Bags Hemp Backpack Includes Secret Pocket




  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 1.80 lbs.
  • Brand: Dime Bags.

If you want a backpack that color last and has earth-friendly sustainability with a secret compartment, then Dime Bags Original Hemp Backpack is a perfect choice to chose for yourself.

Besides the bag’s secret compartment, it also has a large main pocket and a small pocket for a water bottle. The pack has an excellent separate smell-proof pouch; you can put some smelly stuff in it and put the pouch inside the bag separate from other items.

You can also put the smell proof pouch in a secret pocket for more peace of mind.

When it comes to the pack’s comfortability, the bag has adjustable side straps and contoured shoulder straps that adjust the pack on your shoulder very well, providing comfort and easy to carry. 

Key Features:
  • Secure Design
  • Secret Pocket for Personal Items
  • Small Smell Proof Pouch
  • Four Large Size Main Compartments
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • High Quality Heavy Duty  Zippers
  • Enough space for clothes and Bluetooth speakers
  • Advance technology backpack
  • Best to hold personal items
  • The size is perfect
  • Not completely smell-proof

Best for Everyday Use

5. Eagle Creek Backpack With Secret Compartment




  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 0.84 kg.
  • Brand: Eagle Creek.

If you want to keep all your important stuff clean and dry throughout your travel, the Eagle Creek Backpack With Secret Compartment has an excellent dry storage feature.

The main compartment has Laptop storage, which is secure with a water-resistant zipper. Also, easy access front zipper pocket would separate your wet clothes with a drain duct, which would increase ventilation.

There is a small pocket for your tablet at the back of the bag, which also includes a mobile phone pocket and power bank pocket that would help you charge your phone during your travel time.

The shoulder straps of the bag are fully padded, and the back is well designed for back pain, would fit well on your back, and relieve back pain, so you can also be called it the best backpack for back pain.

Key Features:
  • Large Mian Compartment
    • Secured with a water repellant zipper
  • Fully Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Useful Chest Strap
  • 17 Inch Shoulder Drop
  • Small Cell Phone Pocket
  • Power Bank Pocket 
    • To charge your phone during travel
  • Well Quality Fabric 
  • Small enough to keep under plane seat
  • Perfect day pack
  • Construction quality is awesome
  • Durable side water bottle pocket
  • The water bottle is a little bit tight
  • A little bit boxy feeling

Best for Large Stuff

6. Targus Drifter II Backpack With Secret Compartment


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds.
  • Brand: Targus.

Need a backpack with lots of storage pockets and large main pockets, then Targus Drifter II secret compartment backpack has a laptop compartment that is fully padded to protect your laptop and other electronic devices.

Three extra-large size storage compartments would help you to store daily used items.

In this pack, the secret compartment is located at the back of the bag, where you can put your secret items hidden from your fellows.

If you have shoulder pain because of the heavy load, this quality feature backpack has fully padded shoulder straps that would relieve your shoulder pain. These straps are also adjustable, so you can adjust the size of the straps the way you required.

Key Features:
  • Two Side Pockets for Water bottle
  • One Hidden Pocket at the Back Of the Bag’
  • Front Pockets for Repeatedly Used Items
  • High-Quality Contoured Shoulder Straps
  • Well Padded Laptop Compartment
  • Durable Carry Handle
  • Very comfortable to carry
  • Well looking
  • Several useful pockets
  • Easy to carry from one place to another
  • A little bit heavy when fully loaded

 Best for School Students

7. ProEtrade Hidden Pocket Backpack for School Student



  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 1.8lb.
  • Brand: Pro Etrade.

If you are a school student but have a problem with your old bag, because that bag has no hidden pocket where you can put your important stuff, that may be your ID card, wallet or a surprising gift for your girlfriend.

Then ProEtrade Backpack is a great choice for you to use it. Because the pack has one secret pocket, which is secured with a strong zipper, besides this, there are two main compartments where you would keep all your books and copies.

Two front pockets for frequently used items. The pack is also tech-friendly; there is a USB charging port through which you would charge your phone at any time.

The shoulder straps of the bag are also well-padded and have useful chest straps. There is an airflow system at the back of the bag that would keep your back fresh throughout the day. Overall this pack is the best-hidden pocket backpack for school students

Key Features:
  • USB Charging Port Feature
  • Well Padded Laptop Compartment
  • Excellent Outer Design
  • Chest Strap Feature
  • Air Flow Back System
  • Durable Carry Handle
  • Carry both laptop and books
  • Durable material quality
  • Waterproof material lining
  • Very easy to carry
  • Could not fir large size water bottle


This was all about the best backpack with secret compartment, and which I explained with complete details the pros and cons of the packs and the key features that would clear all your queries about the secret compartment backpacks.

The way I explained all the packs one by one, I hope you would have no doubt and would purchase one that should complete all your needs and comes under your budget.

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