Best Backpacks for Skateboarding

11 Best Backpacks for Skateboarding

Skateboarding is no doubt one of the most fruitful experiences on the planet. It’s fun, exhilarating, and possibly one of the best activities you can engage in if you want something sporty but non-competitive. Skateboards are multipurpose and versatile too, meaning that you can use them for a variety of things, especially for getting yourself from one spot to the other.

Although they aren’t very heavy or uncomfortable to carry around, the one factor that makes it easier for users to lug around the skateboard is using a skateboard backpack. It’s convenient and comfortable and allows you to carry multiple things and walk hands-free.

A skateboard backpack means that you can easily carry a skateboard alongside the other gears that you need for a comfortable carrying experience. Also, there are all-rounder skateboard backpacks, which are fairly easy to carry around. When choosing the right backpack for your skateboard, we’d recommend looking into an option that has ample storage and won’t make you scour for space to carry the accessory items.

Given how cool and trendy skateboarding is, it isn’t surprising that finding a trendy backpack is equally important. You don’t want to carry around a backpack that looks plain and boring.

After a lot of research, we have managed to shortlist the top backpacks for skateboarding that we think are worth the time, money, and effort.

What are the Best Backpacks for Skateboarding?

When it comes to carrying your skateboard, be assured that your choices need to be the absolute best. There’s no point compromising on the price because that will directly affect the quality of the backpack and its durability.

While shortlisting our list of the top 11 backpacks for skateboarding, we wanted to prioritize the design, storage, and overall durability of the backpack.

Following are the top backpacks for skateboarding you can look into:

1. Nike SB RPM Skateboarding Backpack

Finding backpacks that are specifically designed for skateboarding can be a challenge. So, for a reliable and big brand like Nike to come out with a skateboarding backpack is nothing short of a bonus. So, we had to start our list with the Nike SB RPM Skateboarding Backpack.

From the outside, the backpack looks pretty standard; this means that you will be slightly confused about what differentiates it from a skateboarding backpack. However, the front of the backpack has a special compartment just for the skateboard, making it a worthy option for you to consider.

When it comes to the comfort of this backpack, the curved shoulder straps take the cake. It sits snugly on top of the shoulder, providing the users with optimal comfort in the long run. Also, the zippered main compartment in the backpack allows you to carry a variety of items securely.

The individual compartments have a very spacious design. Additionally, you have smaller sections and compartments in the backpack, which further add to the convenience of use. The individual strap on the front of the backpack is what holds your skateboard in place.

As for the material of the skateboarding backpack, you do get access to the best quality textured polyester material. This prevents unnecessary damage or scuffs to the surface of the backpack, enabling you to use it in the long run.

The internal sleeve inside the backpack can also store your 15.6” laptops comfortably, keeping them snug and secure inside. Overall, the Nike backpack is available in a bright and deep blue color, which doesn’t pick up dust quite easily.


  • Secure storage options
  • Sturdy and scratch-resistant material
  • Has a separate strap for skateboard
  • Durable construction
  • Curved shoulder straps


  • Doesn’t store larger laptops
  • Slightly overpriced

2. Nike SB RPM AOP Backpack

Another Nike SB backpack that we’d highly recommend for your skateboard is the Nike SB RPM AOP Backpack. This one is slightly cheaper than the first one but has equally amazing features that you’d need to use comfortably over the long run.

Not only does the backpack has a place for carrying your laptop, but the strap in the front also allows you to comfortably carry your skateboard too. It is available in three different color variants and most of them have a “camo-inspired” appearance to them.

Overall, the backpack comes with the durability of the material and the trust of a brand like Nike. The separate and padded compartments inside the backpack allow you to capture all the important devices and other accessories without any hassle.

What further contributes to the comfort is the availability of the padded shoulder straps for extra comfort and snug fit around the shoulders and the back. The exterior of the backpack is water-resistant as well, which adds to the benefits of the purchase.

One of the unique features of this skateboarding backpack that’s worth looking into is the gear loops. It allows you to easily find the spots to clip on some important accessories without any hassle. Also, there are adjustable straps in the backpack that enables you to adjust the length of the strap without any hassle.

The backpack is made with 100% polyester, which is scratch-resistant and the material is made with imported material for long-term usage. Also, spot-cleaning the backpack is easy and takes a few minutes.


  • Adjustable straps for a snug fit
  • Water-resistant material
  • Easy spot cleaning feature
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Multiple zipped pockets


  • Doesn’t support larger laptops
  • Zippers aren’t the most sturdy

3. Nike SB RPM BackPack

If budget isn’t a constraint for you and you are willing to pay around $120 for a high-quality and durable skateboarding backpack, the Nike SB RPM BackPack is a good one to look into. Given that it’s a bestselling backpack, don’t be surprised if it’s often out of stock.

The highlight of this backpack has to be the waterproof construction, which enables users to carry it around without any compromise. Additionally, you shouldn’t have a hard time maintaining the quality of the backpack at all because it’s scratch-resistant and high on the durability factor in the long run.

Nike is known for offering a plethora of unique features to their backpacks, so it isn’t surprising that this one comes with the one-of-a-kind sternum-supporting strap that doesn’t weigh in on your back and ensures that you have a comfortable carrying experience.

There are buckle straps available on the bottom of the backpack and there are Velcro straps on the back of the backpack for carrying smaller knick-knacks and accessories that you otherwise would have to carry around. This Velcro system also works if you wish to attach your skateboard to it and carry it around.

Coming to the quality of construction and the material used, the Nike SB RPM BackPack is made with 600D polyester materials with a water-resistant coating and has a 26L volume, so you can blindly stuff the backpack with everything that your heart desires.

There are external attachment loops in the backpack as well, which further add to your list of benefits. You have a DWR coating on the exterior that keeps the backpack weatherproof and durable in the long run.


  • Durable construction
  • Water and weatherproof
  • Has separate attachment loops
  • Comes with sternum supporting padded back
  • Large capacity


  • Not the most accessible
  • Expensive

4. Vans Large Backpack

Moving ahead from Nike, the next brand in question is Vans. This is a versatile brand that’s known for its variety of amazing sports and running shoes. But, given that the brand is associated with such sporty elements, it isn’t surprising that the Vans Large Backpack is one of the best skateboard backpacks.

The overall design of this backpack is simple and nothing too extra or crazy. You do get access to a minimal design in an all-black color. The shaded logo on the front of the backpack is what steals the show in this case.

However, what make it ideal for your skateboarding trip are the two front straps that enable you to carry your backpack comfortably without any hassle. It is quite a heavy-duty product, which means that you won’t ever have to worry about the quality of the backpack in the long run.

There is a large interior for storage and you have a side bottle pocket, which streamlines the overall user experience without any hassle at all. Not once you will have to worry about the durability factor of the backpack at all.

The interior mesh zip pocket inside the backpack allows you to carry your laptop comfortably and ensure optimal safety even when you are in motion. Overall, the design and capacity of this backpack are quite promising and something you won’t regret splurging out on at all.

The top handle in this backpack has a unique skate strap system, which enhances the ergonomics of the model. Also, the shoulder straps are 13” wide for distributing the pressure on your shoulder, so you don’t complain about pain and discomfort in the long run.


  • Multiple zippered pockets
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Larger interior with optimal storage
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Mesh inside pocket


  • Very minimal design
  • Not suited for smaller skateboards

5. Element Mohave Backpack Mens

Element is known for its unique range of skateboards but this versatile brand doesn’t stop its innovation there. Not only can you buy high-profile skateboards from them, but you also have the access to buy the carrying medium for the skateboard.

The highlight of most of the Element backpacks is the crazy and funky design. The Element Mohave Backpack Mens deserves the first mention in the series because of the bright and quirky print but also due to the level of durability it brings.

There are two adjustable skateboard straps in the front of the backpack, which allows you to slide the skateboard through and carry it around securely without any worry. The adjustable buckle closure ensures that you can carry any size of skateboard without it slipping through during transit.

Not just for the skateboard, this multipurpose backpack has a separate internal padded sleeve that can comfortably and securely carry your laptops with ease. No longer will you have to worry about losing sight of the laptop or carrying a separate backpack for it.

Overall, the construction and durability of this Element backpack are quite promising. No longer will you have to worry about a non-ergonomic backpack that takes up the available space you need. The straps and the back of the backpack are padded, thereby providing users with optimal carrying comfort.

The overall size of this backpack is 30L, which is a lot more than some of the previous backpacks that we have talked about in this guide. So, there’s no wonder that you can carry around quite a few different types of backpacks with ease.


  • Adjustable skateboard closure
  • Has a Velcro closure
  • Padded back and straps
  • Durable construction
  • Waterproof


  • Lacks certain compartments
  • The colors are too quirky for some users

6. Element Mohave Skate Backpack

Another different style and variant under Element’s Mohave series is their Skate backpack. Although the features are pretty much similar to the previous one, certain features are exclusive to this one.

One of the biggest features of this skate backpack is its design. It features a very subdued and chic design instead of the bright and quirky splash of colors that most users aren’t the fondest of. This particular one has a combination of black and camo print, which stands out quite stunningly.

Coming to the design aspect of this backpack, you do get access to 100% polyester and waterproof and scratch-resistant construction that you’d be appreciative of in the long run. It has to be dry cleaned only, which can be a hassle for some users.

Besides that, you get access to the high-quality internal and padded laptop sleeve that can store up to 15.6” laptops. So, if you have larger 17” laptops, that won’t fit into your backpack snugly. Like the previous model, even this one has a 30L capacity with multiple pockets for storage.

As for your skateboard, there are two adjustable straps in the front of the backpack. What you can do is loosen the straps, slide through the skateboard and then tighten it until it fits snugly against the front of the backpack for easy portability.

What further elevates the comfort factor in the backpack is the cushioned and extra padded straps and back panel in the backpack. It doesn’t weigh down on your back, ensuring a comfortable user experience without any compromise at all.


  • Adjustable strap for skateboard
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Durable construction
  • Multiple pockets


  • A little pricey
  • Lacks gear loops

7. Element Clothing and Accessorie’s Mohave Backpack

After discussing some of the more expensive skateboard backpacks, let us gradually shift our focus to the “cheaper” and more affordable variants. The Element Clothing and Accessorie’s Mohave Backpack deserves a mention in the list just for that.

Besides the fact that the backpack is available in two of the brightest colors, the backpack itself is worth the $60 you pay. The bright yellow and black combine well with the backpack, meaning that you won’t feel like the odd one out carrying it.

The large design of the backpack has adjustable straps on the front, which means that you won’t have a hard time carrying around larger backpacks with this one, which is nothing short of a relief. There aren’t many zippered shelves inside the backpack, which means that you’d have to adjust with what you have.

The backpack, as a whole, has a single main compartment with a top tricot sunglasses pouch that can help you carry around some of the small knick-knacks. There are front zippered drop pockets, which add a layer of benefit and convenience to the backpack too.

Overall, like most of the other Elements backpacks, even this one has a 30L capacity including all the zippers and storage that you get access to. Also, there are two adjustable straps available on the front of the backpack.

Using these straps, you can snugly fit in the skateboard and have a comfortable time carrying it around without feeling the burden of it on your shoulders. The bottle compartments on the side aren’t that great, which can be a bit of a bummer for some users.


  • Multiple compartments
  • Zippered shelves for carrying different items
  • Has 30L capacity
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Durable construction


  • Bottle compartment is non-existent
  • Zippers aren’t the best quality

8. Rucyen Store Skateboard Backpack

Not everyone wants to spend over $50 on a backpack and that’s well justified. If you are in the same boat and don’t want to splurge out some of the extra money, we’d recommend looking into some of the more affordable options like the Rucyen Skateboard Backpack.

It is priced at around $30 and is available in three different color variants to choose from. Despite the affordable price range, what stands out in the model is its large capacity. Not just your skateboard, you can comfortably use this backpack for carrying just about everything.

The skateboard backpack comes with a variety of zippered compartments for laptops, skateboarding accessories, and smaller items. The laptop sleeve can hold up to 15.6” laptops snugly inside it without any hassle.

What stands out in this backpack is the availability of the multiple compartments in the front pocket. You can stuff in multiple accessories with ease. Besides the available storage inside the backpack, another factor that stands out in it is the comfort of carrying it around.

The comfortable soft padded design in the backpack provides the ultimate back support. The shoulder straps are also quite breathable and come with extra cushioning that doesn’t weigh down on your shoulders at all.

Besides providing ample space for your laptop, the backpack has a separate strap in the front for carrying your skateboard with ease. What stands out as a unique trait in this particular backpack is the availability of a secret mesh compartment the backpack. This anti-theft pocket protects your devices from any potential danger.

Lastly, the durability of the backpack is another factor worth looking into. The RFID anti-theft special pocket in the backpack is quite promising too. Not just for personal purchases, you can also consider this for gifting someone else.


  • Durable and padded design
  • Multiple compartments for storage
  • Has a laptop sleeve
  • Unique anti-theft pocket
  • Breathable material


  • Capacity could be better
  • Not waterproof

9. Simbow Store Skateboard Backpack

Another underrated yet local brand for your skateboard backpack that we’d highly recommend looking into is the Skateboard Backpack from Simbow. The brand has been around for quite a few years now and offers some of the absolute best quality backpacks that you can consider buying.

Amidst them, this particular one stands out, thanks to the amazing quality and affordable pricing. This is one of the few skateboard backpacks that have a USB and headset port design. You do get double straps on the front of the backpack for easily fitting your skateboard through it for easy carrying.

Also, the headphone interface integrated into the backpack allows you to walk around comfortably and without any restrictions. The backpack is also fitted with multiple pockets and a special anti-theft pocket to keep your important items securely inside the backpack.

The anti-theft pocket comes with a password lock, further adding to the credibility of usage. Overall, the construction of the backpack is quite promising too, especially when it comes to comfort. The water-resistant polyester fabric is amazing as well.

If you are concerned about the comfort of carrying the backpack, be assured that the padded and adjustable shoulder straps are pretty amazing. The front of the backpack has two adjustable straps that fit in your skateboard so it doesn’t slide off.

This is a highly functional backpack that you can use in multiple scenarios and not just for carrying your skateboard, which makes the investment worth it in the end. Also, the brand offers round-the-clock assistance in case you aren’t satisfied with the product.


  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Adjustable straps for skateboard
  • Multiple compartments for storage
  • Anti-theft pocket with password lock
  • Waterproof construction


  • Lacks certain loops for carrying accessory items
  • Not the best for carrying heavy loads

10. Ronyes Skateboard Backpack

While we are on the topic of affordable skateboard backpacks, we had to include the Ronyes Skateboard Backpack. This one is unlike anything else you will come across, especially due to the versatility you get access to.

Not just for skateboards, the backpack is equally riveting for carrying other sporting goods like basketball, etc. You can also use the backpack for standard use, further making it a worthy investment for your future.

It is priced under $40, which means that you aren’t going to chip away a lot of your money on the backpack, which is always a benefit. Overall, the material of the backpack is water-resistant polyester, which shields and protects your backpack in the long run.

As for the construction and comfort of the backpack goes, you do get access to adjustable board straps, which don’t put a lot of excess pressure on the shoulders when you carry the backpack for long. There is a hidden net compartment for carrying your backpack.

The adjustable buckle sternum strap with the buckle waist belt also optimizes the look and feel of the backpack and enables you to comfortably use it in the long run. Also, the organized layout of the individual compartments is pretty promising too.

Not just for your skateboard, the backpack is ideal for you to carry around to your school or for other outdoor activities that you actively partake in. It also makes a good gift item for someone you are close to.


  • Adjustable and padded straps
  • Affordable price point
  • Adjustable buckle sternum strap
  • Organized compartments
  • Doesn’t put pressure on the back


  • Not waterproof
  • Gets dirty easily

11. GoRide Sling Single Strap Electric Longboard Skateboard

Last but not least is the GoRide Sling Single Strap Electric Longboard Skateboard. This one has a competitive price range close to that of big brands like Nike and Elements. However, this is one of the few skateboard backpacks that can easily fit longboard skateboards without any issue.

Not just for your skateboards, the backpack works equally well in helping you lug around and carry the laptop with ease. It is perfect for users to use for traveling, to take to school and colleges, and on outdoor activities too.

The overall universal design of this backpack has a very subtle and nuanced design that you won’t regret indulging at all. The design is made to accommodate almost every skateboard that’s available in the market.

Although it stands out in the market for easily carrying long boards, you can’t deny the fact that it carries the mini skateboards equally well and snugly. No longer will you have to worry about scratching or tearing apart your backpack at all.

Overall, the design of the backpack is quite promising, especially because it comes with extra padding and cushioning around it. The single strap design fits comfortably around the shoulders, which is a benefit too.

For the users inquisitive about the material used for construction, the backpack features extra thick foam padding throughout the backpack. This offers extra cushioning, so you can safely carry your laptop without any worry.


  • Extra thick cushioning and padding
  • Minimal design
  • Doesn’t strain the shoulders and back
  • Waterproof
  • Universal design


  • Volume and capacity could be better
  • Lacks extra compartments inside

Buying Guide for Skateboard Backpack

Now that we have familiarized you with all the top skateboard backpacks available in the market, the next thing in line to discuss is the buying guide. If you don’t want to blindly look into the products but make a decision on your own, these are some of the factors you can look out for:

1. Material

It’s not just for the skateboard backpack but when it comes to any type of backpack in the market, looking out for the material is possibly the most important factor you have to keep an eye out for. Polyester is no doubt the best material.

If you are buying a skateboard backpack, we are assuming that you’d primarily use it for outdoor activities. So, buying a durable 600D polyester material backpack would be the right choice for you.

Not only are these water-resistant, but they are also pretty amazing in terms of construction and usability. You won’t ever have to worry about the weather, water splashes, etc. when you buy a polyester backpack.

2. Compartments

Next up on the list of factors to consider is the available compartments. Most skateboard backpacks come with one main compartment and an internal laptop sleeve inside. This is the standard design you’d find in most of the backpacks available in the market.

That said, what we’d recommend you do is look for backpacks with multiple smaller pockets and compartments inside the backpack. What this will do is allow you to have enough space to put your knick-knacks inside. No longer will you have to worry about losing the smaller items in the bottomless pit of the backpack.

If possible, look for ones with an anti-theft compartment too. This allows you to keep some of the important items tucked away inside your backpack without someone else knowing about it.

3. Construction

Not just the material, you also need to ensure that you are picking up a skateboard backpack that has good construction. If the backpack isn’t durable, putting larger skateboards and other heavy-duty items in the backpack will tear it down the backpack into pieces.

So, when looking at the quality and durability of the backpack, what we’d recommend you do is look into the construction, and the stitching in the backpack. What that’ll do is ensure that you can carry heavy-duty products without worrying about the backpack tearing apart in the middle of the road.

4. Capacity

The standard skateboard backpacks come with 20 to 30L capacity and that’s what works most of the time. However, what we’d recommend you do is prioritize your needs first. What is the purpose of your buying the backpack? Will you use it for normal use besides carrying your skateboard?

If you answered yes to the above, you need to find a backpack that has a standard capacity of at least 26L. That’s what ensures that you can carry multiple other items inside the backpack without any issues at all.

However, if you are carrying larger skateboards, we’d recommend sticking to the 30L capacity since that contributes to the durability and comfort of carrying the backpack around without any discomfort at all.

5. Weatherproofing

Waterproof backpacks are abundant in the market but what about weatherproofing? Since skateboarding is an outdoor activity and you are buying a backpack to carry it around, chances are that your backpack will remain outdoors most of the time.

In that case, looking for a backpack with exclusive weatherproofing features is ideal and something we’d recommend you look into. Find ones that will sustain themselves in the scorching heat of the sun and under extreme rain too.

6. Design

Not many people are fussed about the design factor of a skateboard backpack. However, if you are one of those people that is particular about the design of the backpack, we’d recommend prioritizing this in your buying guide too.

All the skateboard backpacks come with a unique yet minimal design that fits in with any situation that you carry them for. Ideally, what we’d recommend is looking for simple, solid-color backpacks since they fit in with every look and aesthetic you are aiming for.

7. Price and warranty

Last on the list of considerations is the cost of the backpack. The branded and high-end brands will have a higher price point. However, we have shared a few budget-friendly options too. Similarly, when you are looking for skateboarding backpacks, what we’d recommend you do is explore the price and warranty of the backpacks first.

Shortlist the top 3 or 5 backpacks from the list and then finalize the one that you think would work out effortlessly in your favor.


1. Are skateboard backpacks different from normal backpacks?

Yes, skateboard backpacks come with two adjustable straps on the front to fit the skateboard through. This allows the users to adjust the fit of the skateboard according to the size and then comfortably carry it around.

2. Can I use the skateboard backpack for normal use?

The skateboard backpacks are versatile and can be used for carrying books and essentials to schools and colleges and even for outdoor adventure trips when needed.

3. Can an electric skateboard fit in the backpack?

The answer to this is subjective and depends on the design of the skateboard. If it has a staple skateboard like flat-design, it should fit in the backpack with ease.


And, with that, we have to wrap up the article about skateboard backpacks and why they are so popular. These multipurpose backpacks are sleek, stylish, and aesthetic. If you were confused about which one to pick and which ones to avoid, we hope this article gives you a few good options to add to your purchasing shortlist.

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