best backpacks for techies

Best Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021

The main reason you want to have the best backpack for techies is that you can effectively charge all of your devices on the go. This will provide you with a huge benefit that you will not obtain from other types of products.

The ability to charge your devices directly from your backpack will allow you to charge them more efficiently and effectively.

In this article, we will focus on the best technology backpack available on the market. We’ll help you identify the key features you should look for in this type of pack.

Ideally, we intend to make your shopping experience more comfortable by providing you with the top bags to go for.

With my little bit of experience, at the end of the article, you should be able to understand what to look and go for while also understanding the importance of such a pack.

best backpacks for techies

Fisrt Look of Top 8 Best Backpacks for Techies

1. Ghostek NRGbag Laptop Backpack – Best Smart Backpack For Techies

Best Smart Backpack For TechiesBest Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021


  • Product Price: $$$.
  • Dimensions: 20.00 x 5.50 x 13.00 inches.
  • Weight: 4.00 lbs.

If you’re looking for the best products, Ghostek is the right brand for you. This is the best backpack I listed here.

This new version of the pack contains everything you required in your modern life, an AC charging adapter port, a waterproof bag so that things don’t become wet in the rain.

You can’t see a backpack coming with USB cables much often. Well, this pack comes with this great feature as well. There will be a removable USB cable for you to charge your devices. This is what makes the bag comfortable and forces us to recommend it strongly.

But it also has an LED power strip so you can track battery power. This will be very useful if you are travelling or going to camps. It is a little bit smaller than other backpacks, but it makes up for it in what all it offers.

The best backpack for techies with lots of compartments to store all your stuff with easy access. The super stitching and anti-theft zippers.

 Key Features:
  • Waterproof
  • USB cable
  • LED power strip
  • Lots of compartments
  • Anti-theft zippers
  • Best quality backpack
  • The compartments are great for keeping things organized
  • Gives pretty good protection to the laptop
  • It comes with an ac charge adapter port.
  • Not compatible to the roller suitcase
  • Comes only in one size
Best Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021


2. eBags Slim Laptop Backpack – Professional Laptop Backpack for Techies


Professional Slim Laptop Backpack for TechiesBest Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021


  • Product Price: $$$.
  • Dimensions: 8.50 x 18.00 x 12.75 inches.
  • Weight: 2.79 pounds.

Affordability, quality, plus reasonable price are rare combinations of any product. Mostly, you are likely to be fooled by poor quality at a profitable price or vice versa. However, with the professional eBags laptop backpack, these should not worry you. Manufacturers have confirmed that standards are essential.

First of all, the courier is large enough to ensure that all your goods can fit. It comes with external dimensions of about 18 inches by 8.5 inches and a large compartment of about 18 inches by 1.5 inches. Also, its capacity is very encouraging, with the amount of about 22 liters.

On its features, the bag comes with about 17-inch sleeves for your laptop. This ensures that your device is in a perfect position. Thus, there is an extra sleeve you can use for your tablet, iPad, and other tools of these sizes.

A removable AC adapter compartment is also equipped for quick and easy adjustments. The water chamber is large enough that water bottles can be installed.

Manufacturers have also ensured that this package is the best backpacks for techies. It comes with sleeves that pass through. This ensures that your luggage is safe from any roll possible.

Besides, the side and upper sides have handles for easy transportation. It is interesting to note that the back belts carry the storage capacity.

The main compartment was made easy to access, thanks to the vertical outer zip. Similarly, in terms of organization, the interior is divided into diagonal pockets for additional cleanliness and storage.

For comfort and minimal sweating, designers designed the rear panel lined with an air mesh, easily removable and adjustable. It is one of the best bags you can find with great features and very affordable prices.

  • Can carry Laptop up to 17 inch
  • Lots of compartments with easy access
  • Have handles for easy transportation
  • Affordable price
  • Extra sleeve, you can use for your tablet or iPad
  • Have a removable AC adapter
  • Can carry a water bottle
  • Handy compartments
  • Sleek appearance
  • Thoughtful design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy access to the main compartment
  • Beverage holder could be improved;
  • Not very affordable to all
Best Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021

3. Incase ICON Laptop Backpack – Best Backpacks for Techies

Best Backpacks for TechiesBest Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021


  • Product Price: $$$.
  • Dimensions: 19.00 x 13.00 x 9.00 inches.
  • Weight: 1.74 lbs.

While shopping, it is always recommended to try items in terms of color or even shapes. We all want a situation where you have a lot to choose from; you spoil to choose. It is with Incase Icon Pack!

Manufacturers ensure that you have a variety to choose from in terms of color, although all are the same size. For starters, the pack is manufactured in a robust and sturdy blend of ballistic and heavy-duty nylon. This ensures that you have one of the best long-lasting bags on the market.

Again, the material is water-resistant and can also be washed by hand and machine. However, the hand wash will also be useful.

In terms of space and organization, manufacturers made silence an ideal work. The bag comes with three huge compartments: Incase Icon Pack – Trendy Backpack for Techies.

Interestingly, it has made it great for holding any hardware, from laptops to tablets and other similar electronic devices. To point out the sizes, the interior compartment can carry a laptop near 15 inches.

Comfort is always a customer satisfaction strategy, and this pack has not failed. The inner case has specially made channels that allow air to flow to the pressure plate to reduce back sweating. On the shoulders, they are padded for comfort and adjustable straps to balance the weight.

Besides, it is combined with a shear belt to distribute the weight evenly to minimize spinal damage. To ensure the protection of your devices, the package comes with specially padded compartments. Its faux fur lining provides optimal protection features.

Easy access to side pockets with integrated cable jacks for power banks or portable power. In general, this backpack comes with many features, and engineers have given it a technologically right touch with the latest features.

If you need a laptop bag for air travel, read the link one article, and get the info all about the air travel bags, otherwise scroll down for further reading of techies backpacks.

  • Water-resistant material
  • Both hand wash and machine
  • Can carry a Laptop up to 15 inches
  • Lots of compartments
  • The pack used to stand on its own
  • Integrated cable sockets for portable devices
  • Side pockets act as extra storage.
  • The backpack channels may or may not help
  • Does not have the holder of water bottle
  • Little bit costly
Best Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021

4. Markryden Anti-theft Laptop Backpack – Anti-Theft Techies Laptop Backpack

Anti-Theft Techies Laptop BackpackBest Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Dimensions: 16.50 x 3.90 x 12.60 inches.
  • Weight: 2.00 lbs.

Are you looking for a multipurpose backpack for your laptop? Then check out this gaming bag. It’s the best tech travel bag on the list of the best backpacks for techies.

Apart from serving different purposes, it will protect your valuable things from falling into the hands of thieves! Yes, I heard it correctly.

They have introduced a very great anti-theft feature in this bag. This outstanding feature should be of interest to you, especially if you are an experienced traveler.

What they did was put some hidden zippers into the bag that no one would see if they were in a rush. Also, there is a well-hidden zipper breach.

Therefore, there will be no more problems related to the valuable gears get lost from the bag. Whether it’s keys or cell phones, you can carry them all the time.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that you will not have to buy any other bag soon, as it is very durable. The materials they used to make are of high quality to give them a long life. In terms of style, they did a great job.

You may want to thank the designers for the contrasting grey color they gave to this bag. You’ll find it to be immaculate. You can’t see a backpack coming with USB cables a lot. Well, this thing comes with this great feature as well.

There will be a removable USB cable for you to charge your devices. This is what makes the bag comfortable and forces us to recommend it strongly.

It is improved with a flexible main pocket that you can easily open. It’s like opening a bag. Wonderful, right?
The bag comes with a large storage capacity. Besides, they have made it waterproof and tear-resistant. As far as comfort is concerned, there is a padded tape to provide you with enough.

  • Best Anti-theft features
  • Removable cables
  • Quality materials
  • Small pockets for your essential accessories
  • Have some hidden zippers
  • Too many compartments inside
  • Great backpack for daily use
  • High durability and quality
  • Anti-theft backpack
  • This bag can’t fit a lot of items
  • Small in size
Best Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021

5. OUTJOY Men Laptop Backpack – Best Cheap Backpacks for Techies

Best Cheap Backpacks for Techies:Best Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Dimensions: 11.00 x 4.70 x 17.70 inches.
  • Weight: 1.79 lbs.

The Outjoy backpack is most comfortable at affordable prices. It is small and light enough to not bog you down while in use but large enough to keep your requirements.

This pack has padding on the back and shoulder straps that breathe well, making it very comfortable, especially after all-day use. The pack has a soft interior grip – making it very easy to move things in and out.

The USB port is removable at any time, which will charge your device all day to make you feel more comfortable.

The zipper is smartly placed on the back of the bag so that it rests against your back when you wear it. Too many pockets, including a protective holder for your glasses, keys, and sunglasses, etc.

The hidden zipper is helpful, so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting it to it while wearing it. This bag works great for travel and your daily commute too — the best pack in the list of the best backpacks for techies.

This bag can store your laptop, iPad, or tablet and has plenty of compartments for your everyday items. It is large enough to hold a 15-inch Laptop.

  • Affordable price
  • Quality materials
  • Hidden zippers
  • Soft interior grip
  • A USB port
  • Off course the pack is waterproof
  • Very light and comfortable
  • Slim design
  • Have a USB port
  • Separate compartment for Laptop
  • Little bit small
  • Not for a heavy trip
Best Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021

6. BOPAI Super Slim Laptop Backpack – Best Slim Backpack for Techies

Best Slim Backpack for TechiesBest Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Dimensions: 11.00 x 2.80 x 17.00 inches.
  • Weight: 1.50 lbs.

The BOPAI backpack is thin, light, yet reliable, and provides perfect protection for your laptop. At the same time, its color and stylish design. Though very thin, it can carry all the cables charger, glasses, laptops, and small clothes you need everywhere.

The shoulder straps are really well padded, so it is super comfortable to wear. There are plenty of pockets to organize your materials. Especially because the pocket behind your back is safer to store important things — an additional surprise USB cable.

It’s slim, but you can put a notebook, chargers, a big mouse, an iPad, an iPhone, a wallet, and a thin Patagonia jacket from the inside. It doesn’t have much space, but it accommodates everything you need while traveling.

The zipper, seams, and stitches of high quality (better than other more expensive bags). The shoulder straps have a retention thread in the adjusting strap to prevent the shoulder strap from falling while it appears on your back.

The inseam has a soft cloth to protect your devices. This is not a requirement, because other bags do not have. This is an example of a bag that takes another step at the best backpack for techies.

  • Super Lightweight
  • USB cable
  • A soft cloth inside the bag to protect your devices
  • Stylish design
  • Super slim backpack
  • Design for carry stuff like laptop, pad or documentation, etc.
  • Obviously the pack is waterproof
  • Very comfortable and super light pack
  • The pack is not for heavy trips and hiking.
Best Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021

7. BOPAI Business Laptop Backpack – Comfortable Backpack for Techies

Comfortable Backpack for AdultsBest Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021


  • Product Price: $$$.
  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 6.3 x 17.72 inches.
  • Weight: 2.55 pounds.

BOPAI Business backpack is gorgeous in the list of the best packs for techies, as its design. It has a lot of hidden and anti-theft pockets that can only unzip from the backside.

It also has a USB charger design on the side, charging your phone without carrying the charger at hand. Just plug this internal USB charger and then connect you to the phone, and you’re ready to go.

It stands steady on the floor – it meets exactly what you need when you go to work or go home. You will feel comfortable even with a heavy load in the bag, the interior of the bag is charming and comes with a light USB charger, a small makeup bag, and a small inner pocket next to the USB charging port

The exterior is a very professional and great design. The large outer pocket is extremely thin but has plenty of content, making it ideal for the Grid-it type regulator for cables and chargers.

This bag fits perfectly under the airplane seats. It has a hidden pocket, near the inner hip area, to store your wallet and keys. While wearing it, this bag is theft-proof. The interior of the pack had a section where you can strap down a Laptop and a tablet also.

  • Notebook and pencil case
  • Water bottle holder
  • Professional design
  • The bag is light and feels good
  • Daily commuter bag
  • Very classy material
  • Lightweight
  • Exterior pocket for water pocket
  • Comfortable
  • Does not come with battery pack
Best Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021

8. SLOTRA 17-inch Laptop Backpack – Best Lunch Compartment Backpack for Techies

Best Lunch Compartment Backpack for Techies


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Customer Ratings: 12.99 x 7.48 x 20.47 inches.
  • Weight: 1.98 lbs.

This is probably the coolest backpack you have seen in a long time, and the best backpacks for techies it fits your needs perfectly. This bag can carry your laptop, lunch box, plus anything else you might need, or you had to carry it before.

Durable and well designed with thoughtful design and excellent security features (one set of zippers has interlocking loops to lock small luggage, there are additional loops to secure the laptop bag and a set of hidden pockets).

It’s a little more expensive than others but well worth it and better than buying a separate lunch bag. It even has a clear tablet holder that allows you to view and operate your tablet while in the bag.

There is still enough room for your books, umbrella, keys, and sunglasses, and much more.

The exterior features a gentle herringbone pattern on flexible but durable materials. The zippers move smoothly, and the zipper pull marks are significant and end gently for a good grip.

  • Perfectly fits
  • Separate compartment for Laptop
  • Thoughtful design
  • Durable
  • Tablet Holder
  • Excellent Security features
  • Separate launch box
  • The rain cover is a little extra with the pack
  • High quality and sturdy
  • Waterproof compartments
  • A bit uncomfortable when fully loaded
Best Backpacks For Techies | Top 8 Picks Reviews 2021

Buying Guide

Keep Some Points in Your Mind Before Buying a Tech Backpack

Many people will tell you that researching and identifying the product is the key. Yes, you must know what to look for to distinguish between quality and counterfeit.

The same case applies to the best backpack for techies.
Here are the key features to consider before you can purchase any technology backpack.

Purpose of the Bag

When we mention technicians, several characters fall into this category. There are players, technical assistants, and even IT managers. As such, it is essential to know which type you are in.

Try to buy what fits your purpose. For example, IT managers and technical assistants can go to solar-powered bags because these will keep them working anywhere at any time.

In short, each bag has special features targeted at each audience. Understand your goal to enjoy quality.

Look for Price

Price is another crucial factor to look for. Now, the main thing that determines the price is quality. It is ideal to note that in many cases, there are companies that sell their brand. You don’t have to spend on a name. All you need is a bag and one quality. Right?

Make sure you don’t fall victim to such situations by making sure you check and compare features from different brands. Doing so will help you get the best at the right price.

However, you don’t have to look over it. Get the best tech suitcase at the best price by going to either of the two boxes reviewed above.

Size and Capacity

During your purchase, we intend to ensure that everything you get can retain the number of items we have or want. It is, therefore, essential to know how many unique items you intend to carry in the bag. Ideally, we recommend that you go for either standard size or a massive package.

With either combination, you are guaranteed extra storage space and enough space for any additional item you have. However, if you are not the owner of heavy machinery, get a smaller package for personal use.

Look for Quality

Just like we mentioned in the price, spend on quality!

Go to a bag made of high-quality hard material because these bags tend to have a long life. Thus, go for those who have strong stitches in the joints. These are the best because they are durable and can withstand any weight.

Also, look for those packs which have adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt. It is ideal because it ensures an evenly distributed weight load to reduce the risk of hurting your back.


The shape has many issues that come with it. Any shape on any bag tends to dictate the size, which in turn leads to capacity limitations. Look for those packs that have regular-shaped main compartments.

Most importantly, make sure the interior compartments are split and equipped with safety hooks. In this way, we will ensure that you keep your materials in a safe place and thus.

Bags with irregular shapes tend to have limited space because, in most cases, they are very compact and can take a limited number of items.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Waterproof the Pack is?

The weather is never predictable. In such cases, be sure to go for a waterproof package. It is important to note that there is something that is almost waterproof, wholly waterproof, and some are not entirely waterproof.

Make sure you go to a completely waterproof bag to be on the safe side. These bags will ensure that all your items are free from water damage.

How Does a Backpack Phone Charger Work?

The integrated ports in the bag allow for securing the charging cables and then directing them to most pockets. … and any of the six bag outlets can be routed to any pocket. The 5000mAh battery can charge the smartphone three times, or three smartphones simultaneously.


Ah, I hope you have a lot of useful information from here, and you have no question on a topic, the best backpacks for techies. Until then, perhaps many maths might have been cleared.

I also suggest a pack with sleeves just because you won’t have to spend a lot of time in the store. Now, remember that there is one thing that does not compromise on something because it costs less than what is ideal for you. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

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