Can I Bring Two Backpacks on a Plane

Can I Bring Two Backpacks on a Plane? Luggage Guide for Air Travel

With the increase in the rigorousness of the luggage rules, people have very little knowledge about it and hence ask, “can I bring two backpacks on a plane?”.

Often the backpacks are thought of as the carry-on luggage provided, fulfilling the size parameters mentioned by the airline. However, there certainly are constraints on the number of packs allowed to be carried.

However, the standard rule about luggage that every airline adheres to is that you can carry two backpacks on a plane. One of the two can be carry-on luggage, while the other should be small enough to be considered a personal item.

However, the carry-on baggage must fulfill the terms and conditions provided by the airline and must fit inside the overhead space.

The personal carry-on items are also bound to the luggage rules mentioned by the airline and must fit under the seat ahead of you.

The crux of the whole argument is that the backpack must be considered a carry-on item in order to be allowed inside the cabin.


Efficient ways to Carry Two Backpacks on a Plane:

● Pack small and precise.

● Use efficient ways of packing to make your luggage look thin. 

● Use a small-sized backpack that can fit underneath the seat ahead of you.

● Always arrive on time to place your luggage in the overhead bin before it is being occupied.

● In case of any issue related to the luggage, don’t waste time arguing with the staff; rather, check-in your luggage.

● Do not exceed the weight limit, even if the luggage can be placed in the overhead bin.  

What Size of a Backpack Should be Considered a Carry-on?

Almost all the airlines allow carry-on luggage having the size of 22x14x9 inches. In volumes, a total of 40 to 45 liters are permitted, and any package bigger than this size must be checked in beforehand.

If the airline has comparatively strict policies, you might consider carrying up to 35 liters instead. Keeping this in mind can answer the question “Can I bring two backpacks on a plane?” greatly, but more details are provided below. 

What can be Considered Carry-on Luggage?

Any luggage that can be allowed inside the cabin can be considered carry-on luggage. Due to the limited space on airplanes, restrictions are imposed on the number of luggage allowed inside the plane as well as the size of the luggage.

Every airline has its own limitations regarding carry-on luggage, but the most common criteria being followed is that the luggage must fit in the space available in the cabin.

The space allocated for luggage kept inside the cabin is the overhead bin. You can also place small-sized luggage under the seat in front of you. 

Which Bag is Better as a Carry-on; A Suitcase, Backpack, or a Duffel Bag?    

Consumers of backpacks claim about 45-liter packs to be the most efficient due to their space. Multiple compartments and pockets inside the backpacks allow you to place much more than a usual bag.

Also, the mobility of the bags is effortless to carry around, and in case of emergency, the fast-paced walking or running carrying the luggage is not tricky.  

Contrary to this, suitcases are demanded as well by the business people and office workers due to the quality of packing formal clothes so that the dresses do not get wrinkled.

Duffel bags are spacious compared to suitcases, and it has a wider opening than backpacks, allowing you to pack easily. These bags are made up of water-resistant materials that provide great safety to the stuff inside the bag.  


Backpacks are great support for luggage carrying, providing ease of packing, mobility, and use. It has an organized structure of compartments to be used for storing a variety of belongings ranging from clothes to laptops.

The most commonly asked question by people traveling by air is, “can I bring two backpacks on a plane?” Getting the backpacks inside the airplane cabin is possible, but there is a good chance your luggage won’t be allowed inside due to the storage space.

In order to avoid the inconvenience during your travel, the best practice is to verify with the airlines before starting to pack your backpack. If you have not seen the guidelines, you should use a mini backpack by default.

This will minimize the risk of getting your luggage restricted from boarding in the plane, as well as you will be the first to board the flight.


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