Can You Dry Clean a Herschel Backpack

Can You Dry Clean a Herschel Backpack?

You want to clean your Herschel backpack but don’t know a washing method that guarantees no damage to the pack. Well, you have come to the right place.

People’s most common inquiry about cleaning Herschel’s backpack is: “can you dry clean a Herschel backpack?” The answer is No. But that does not solve the problem. The cleaning method for the long sustenance of the Herschel backpack is required.

Before we talk about how to wash your Herschel backpack, a few precautionary measures also need to be taken care of. Washing the Herschel backpack in a dry cleaner will not only damage the bag but also ruin its aesthetics as well.

Please don’t wash the pack with a toothbrush as it can damage the backpack’s surface. Do not clean your bag multiple times a week; instead, wash it only once a month or three weeks.

We need an easy, effective, and safe way to clean the Herschel backpack. There are some excellent methods of cleaning the bag available. This method increases the backpack’s lifespan, and the aesthetics of the gear remains the same.

Follow the step-by-step guide to get the best results. A detailed guide on how to clean your Herschel backpack is provided in the headings below.

Can You Dry Clean a Herschel Backpack? Let’s Div Inside:

Empty up the Backpack:

Take out all the materials from the inside of the bag. Once you make sure that the bag is completely empty, try cleaning the inside of the backpack using a vacuum cleaner.

If any dirty patches are found on the inside, they could be cleaned using wet cloth. Also, Make sure to look for a broken thread and get rid of it, as it can block the zip.

Use Soap for Cleaning:

Avoid washing your backpack in a washing machine as It can severely damage the pack. Using a mild soap, preferably a washing soap, for cleaning Herschel backpack is recommended.

Organic soap can also be used as it is considered a mild soap; any soap that feels comfortable while cleaning could be used.

Use Soft Tools:

Avoid using tools for cleaning that cause damage to the material, such as toothbrushes, etc. Instead, utilize a sponge or a piece of cloth. Rubbing the soft sponge over the surface can efficiently clean the bag without causing damage to it.

Clean in a Circular Pattern:

Take hold of the sponge and dump it with the water. Make sure that the water is mildly warm. Add some soap to the soaking sponge. Try moving your hand in a circular fashion over the dirty spot on the backpack.

Circularly rubbing the sponge cleans the spot easily and quickly. Start with using less soap, and after determining how the material reacts to it, you can add more if needed. Clean extra soap using an additional piece of cloth after the patch is cleaned.

Utilize Air for Drying:

Once the whole process of cleaning is complete and the extra soap has been removed from the surface of the backpack, hang the Herschel Backpack upside down to get dried in the air.

Make sure that all the pockets and zips are open. Try to keep the backpack safe from the sunlight as it can affect the colouration of the fabric. In case of a hurry, you can use a blow dryer from a safe distance. Prevent the backpack from receiving excess heat to avoid damage to the bag.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

 How to Clean a Herschel Backpack Made up of Leather?

The best practice is to avoid a washing machine for washing your backpack, and it is recommended to use soap or baby shampoo. With the use of these materials, you can have the pack clean without getting damaged.

Are these Backpacks Worth their Money?

Yeah, These backpacks will give you the most fantastic experience of a bag you have never had before. They are famous for their minimalistic design, which is simple and according to the fashion. And due to that a famous brand of backpack across the world.

How much time does it take to Air-Dry a Backpack?

Backpacks usually take about 48 hours to dry up completely. But, the temperature and wind speed can speed up the drying process, and if the wind speed and temperature are high, the drying time could be reduced to half.

How to Dry the Backpack Faster?

Let open all the pockets of the backpack in the air. Try to hang the bag somewhere where there is plenty of continuous air. Avoid keeping the pack in front of sunlight; instead, you can use a blow dryer from a safe distance at a slow speed. This will dry up the backpack faster without causing damage to the material.


Herschel is one of the leading brands of backpacks in the entire world. You own one and now want to know the best possible way to clean it. Hand washing has proved to be the safest way to wash your backpack.

Avoid using the washing machine at all costs; the focus should be on specific dirt patches and not the entire bag. You can use mild soap, warm water, and a sponge. Gently rub the patch in a circular pattern to achieve maximum efficiency.

Taking care of your backpack can increase its life, and you can have it in good looks for a long time.

I hope your search ends here about the query can you dry clean a Herschel backpack? If you still have a question about the topic, quickly come to the comment section and ask what you have in your mind; I will be there in a few seconds.

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