Best Carry-On Luggage With Suit Compartment | Top 7 Picks Reviews

If you have a plane to go far away from your home to attend your business meetings, your first interview or maybe you are going for a party you need to wear a well-pressed three-piece suit to make your impressions well and good looking. But here some confusion arises: how a well-pressed suit could be carried in regular carry-on luggage?

That is the reason that you are here to purchase the best carry-on luggage with suit compartment. Do not worry; I have compiled the list of the top seven best carry-on luggage with a separate suit compartment that would keep your suit pressable and have enough space to keep all your stuff safe and secure, that may be your books paperwork, shoes, and other small stuff.

Now I would not take your specious time anymore, scroll down, and chose the best one for yourself that I have listed with detailed descriptions, key features, pros, and cons.

Top 9 Best Carry-On Luggage With Suit Compartment

Carry On Duffel Bag With Suit CompartmentVenezia5 poundsCheck Price on Amazon
Travelpro Crew 11-Smart Carry-On Suiter BagTravelpro International Inc4.4 poundsCheck Price on Amazon
Travelpro Unisex Maxlite Suit BagTravelpro International Inc4.29 PoundsCheck Price on Amazon
Waterproof Mens Garment Bag Suit CompartmentSEYFOCNIA4.29 poundsCheck Price on Amazon
 Premium Travel Hanging Luggage Suit BagAmazon Basics2.2 poundsCheck Price on Amazon
Carry on Men Garment Travel Suit BagsAUGUR1.8 poundsCheck Price on Amazon

SUVOM Suit Travel Carry On Bag with Shoe Compartment
SUVOM2.59 poundsCheck Price on Amazon

1. Carry On Duffel Bag With Suit Compartment

 Carry On Duffel Bag With Suit Compartment


  • Product Price: $$$.
  • Weight: 5 pounds.
  • Brand: Venezia.

This Carry On Duffel Bag With Suit Compartment is best for those who don’t need tons of pockets and compartments for their stuff but appreciate quality and a dose of luxury.

When you lay the bag out flat in the fully open state, you’ll see three zippered pockets, two small and one large, built into the bag’s cotton canvas lining that you can use for packing accessories.

Material Quality

When it comes to the material quality, the carry-on suit luggage is made of Italy with fully grained calf leather and vegetable-tanned in red, brown, or black and then protected with a semi-gloss finish to protect from stains.

The bottom-up zipper opens the sleeve, allowing you to pack your suits with hangers easily. Once neatly arranged, you can squeeze it again and pull the top and bottom cover down. You can now put all the rest of your stuff that may be your clothes, a pair of shoes, and all other small items stacked in the middle.

How Would You Carry The Bag?

It would be easy for you to carry the bag from one place to another, there are two carry features in the bag, one, you can move the bag through the short carry handle that is fully padded with a leather fabric with one hand easily.

Second, if you go for a long walk, then you can carry the bag through its long strap with your shoulder without any difficulty. Overall this carry-on luggage with suit compartment has all the features that would be helpful throughout your journey. Very Recommended

Key Features:
  • Excellent Quality Full Grain Calfskin Leather Outer
  • Unzip With All Sides to Pack Your Suit
  • Three Beneficial Pockets for Tech Devices
  • Long Removable Shoulder Strap
  • Quality Metal Zippers
  • Pure Cotton Canvas Lining
  • Quality leather
  • The size is perfect
  • Very easy to use
  • Quick access pockets
  • Portable
  • Easy to carry
  • A little bit hard zippers but good for strong security
  • Expensive but worth it


2. Travelpro Crew 11-Smart Carry-On Suiter Bag

carry on suit compartment bag


  • Product Price: $$$.
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds.
  • Brand: Travelpro International Inc.

If you need carry-on luggage with suit compartment and have some attractive look and stylish design, then Travelpro Crew 11-Smart Carry-On Suiter Bag is an excellent choice for you to make you more attractive and well looking when you would carry it.

The bag is stylish and smart enough to meet your modern world requirements; I mean, this stylish carry-on luggage has a USB charging port. If you already have a low battery problem in serious situations, this smart carry-on suit luggage is your solution. Simply take out your cell phone and keep it on charge and move on.

The bag has the feature to unzip from all the sides to keep your suit well pressed. There is a front pocket where you can keep all your frequently used items, such as gloves, glasses, and other small items.

When it comes to the bag’s material, excellent quality ballistic nylon fabric material with durable dura guard coating, know for abrasion resistance. Overall, a very multiple feature quality bag can help keep your suit well pressed and fulfill your needs.

Key Features:
  • Quality Ballistic Nylon Material
  • Awseome Carry on Luggage with Suit Compartment
  • USB Charging Port Feature
  • Easy Access Front Pocket
  • Long Shoulder Strap
  • One Carry on Handle Padded
    • Padded With a Small Leather Piece
  • Portable
  • Durable side water bottle pocket
  • Strong and quality zippers
  • Quick access front pocket
  • Quality material
  • Easy to use
  • Sometimes, the shoulder strap caught when open and close the bag

3. Travelpro Unisex Maxlite Suit Bag


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 4.29 Pounds.
  • Brand: Travelpro International Inc.

If you need a carry-on luggage bag with a lay-flat design that can keep your suit well-pressed and other clothes wrinkle-free during travel time, then Travelpro Unisex Maxlite Suit Bag is a great choice to meets all your needs.

The bag’s eye-catching feature is its dual-hanging feature, which would keep your stuff very organized, and you would access your contents very easily and quickly.

The bag has very easy carry options; you can carry the bag with a top carry handle with one hand; also, you can carry the bag with a removable shoulder strap, so remove the shoulder straps when not in use and move on.

Key Features:
  • Quality Polyester Fabric
  • Flate Design
  • Very Lightweight
  • High-Quality Fabric Lining
  • Excellent Dual Hanging Feature
  • Removable Shoulder Straps
  • Perfect carry on size
  • Great dual hanging feature
  • Plenty of space
  • Can carry a pair of shoes
  • Rough use may damage the zippers

4. Waterproof Men’s Garment Bag Suit Compartment

 Waterproof Men's Garment Bag Suit Compartment


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 4.29 pounds.
  • Brand: SEYFOCNIA.

If you need a multi-function bag that can keep your three-piece suit without any wrinkle and can hold all your extra stuff, then this large-size carry-on bag with suit compartment is perfect for you to use it.

The bag is large, specially designed to hold large amounts of stuff, and your stuff would be safe to wet from water because it is made of waterproof PU leather known for its super fiber quality.

The PU leather makes the bag waterproof and gives a nice shape and style to make the luggage eyecatching.

The bag has inside a hanging clothes feature with several useful internal pockets where you can keep stuff; it may be your wallet, an umbrella that you can use while traveling, a cell phone, and some other important stuff.

Back Luggage Sleeve

If you have a rolling suitcase and feel fatigued during your travel time, put your garment suit bag down from your shoulder and attached it with your suitcase through the bag’s back luggage sleeve. Simply roll over the bag luggage sleeve on a rolling suitcase and move on freely.

Excellent Shoe Compartment Feature

The bag is designed to keep your garment safe and secure and has a well-tranting feature that a separate shoe compartment. This shoe compartment feature can help you hold your muddy shoes separate from the clean stuff you have. So you would not face any difficulty while traveling.

How Inside Suit Buckles work?

It is very easy, simply unzip the bag, lay down your suit, and fix it inside the buckles. These two buckles would keep your garment flat and would stop it from movements, which can damage its well-pressed shape. Very Recommended for all types of travelers.

Note: Ensure you should not keep too much extra stuff that is not so important; this may cause back pain problems, and you have already had back pain problems. Then I also have a well-written article that is fully based on the best backpack for back pain.

Key Features:
  • Open Lied Out Feature
  • Inside Two Buckles
    • Can keep your garment straight
  • Soft-Sided
  • Separate Shoe Compartment
  • Suitable Size for Airport
  • Durable Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Stylish and Textured Design
  • Several Inside Pockets
  • Back Luggage Sleeve
  • Side Pockets to Hold beverages
  • Very clever design
  • Great separate suit compartment
  • Awesome design
  • Very organized
  • Easy to use
  • A little bit weak magnetic clasp of side pockets

5. Premium Travel Hanging Luggage Suit Compartment Bag

Premium Travel Hanging Luggage Suit Compartment Bag


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds.
  • Brand: Amazon Basics.

AmazonBasics suit compartment bag is an Amazon’s corporate brand that aims to provide quality at affordable prices. This bi-fold travel bag does not disappoint with its quality feature and well design structure.

Holding Ability

Holds up to 3 suits, with straps to help keep things in place on the go. It also comes with spacious interior pockets for all the extras you want to take with you.

Even enough space for shoes if you want to take them and an extra pair with yourself. The pockets that are made to hold your clothes are mesh designs that would let your garment breathe.

Safe and Secure

Amazon company would not let your other items be lost; I mean, this carry-on luggage with suit compartment also has some useful pockets that can keep your small items safe and secure that may be your electronics stuff or some important stationery items. Overall very well design luggage bag with a suit compartment that can hold your suit and all other items safe and secure.

Key Features:
  • Can Hold up to Three Suits at a Time
  • Several Nice Quality Mesh Pockets
  • Easy Access Front Pocket
  • Other Small Pockets to Hold your Electronic Devices
  • Removable and Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Can hold a single laptop
  • Extra slots to hold other accessories
  • Enough space to hold extra stuff
  • The mesh zipper pocket is awesome
  • Not for long trips

6. Carry on Men Garment Travel Suit Bags

Carry on Men Garment Travel Suit Bags 


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds.
  • Brand: AUGUR.

If you need a low-priced bag and comes under your budget, this is a great and excellent piece for you that has all the useful and great features that an expensive one has.

Cute Style

As it is shown in the picture, this Carry on Men Garment Travel Suit Bag is a very cute and stylish pick that can hold your well-pressed suit and other items very organized, as well as a stylish design that can catch everyone’s eyes to itself.

A very organized suit bag simply slides your press suit into the clothing section. Once you secure all the formal suits, pack the other stuff you want to carry with you.

Assembled the bag back into its duffel shape, which could be done by folding up all its sides with one zip. Overall a very cute carry-on luggage bag that can hold your formal suit as well as all other stuff.

Key Features:
  • Inside Hook Feature
  • Would Keep Your Suit Clean
  • High-Quality Pure Polyester Lining
  • Water-Resistance Feature
  • Multi-Functional Design
  • Large enough main compartment
  • Can hold enough stuff
  • Quality material
  • Nice shape and design
  • May be not fit for long trips

7. SUVOM Suit Travel Carry On Bag 

Suit Travel Carry On Bag 


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 2.59 pounds.
  • Brand: SUVOM.

At the end of the article, I target a one package suit bag with a low price, cute design, and have multiple excellent features that can afford for both low-budget and high-budget people, go for travel or office use.

This one package suit compartment bag has an opened-out flat feature, with a dedicated compartment for formal suits and pants, that you would not fold these suits.

The luggage suit bag can keep your suit straight and all other stuff that you have to be with you on your trip. It may be your laptop for your business meeting, your books, and some other items. Besides, this affordable luggage suit bag provides a shoe compartment.

So if you want to take an extra pair of shoes with your self, then you can keep it separate from other stuff, safe and secure.

Overall a very affordable and one package luggage suit bag can be helpful and would be a great choice for you to fulfill all your needs throughout your journey.

Key Features:
  • Well Organized
  • Flat Out Design
  • Separate Suit Pocket
  • Excellent Separate Shoe Compartment
  • Back Luggage Sleeve
  • Padded Handle Sleeve
  • Three days luggage worth
  • Very easy to zip and unzip
  • Durable quality
  • Not to heavy
  • Stitching quality is excellent
  • A little bit weak magnetic fastners

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Fold a Suit into a Carry on Luggage Suit Compartment Bag?

Unzip the bag, simply lay down your suit in the suit compartment attached it with the buckles to keep the suit remain straight. Keep your other items that may be suit pants and your shorts on the suit and attach that with the buckles to make it straight. Now close the straps to hold everything in place.

Should You Store a Suit in a Suit Bag?

Your suit does not need bags. And you definitely don’t need to keep zippers in a sealed plastic bag. But if you are concerned about dust, pests, or other wardrobe residues, carry-on luggage with suit compartment will keep your suit clean while still letting it breathe, which is good for both cotton and woolen fabrics.

Ending Points:

This was all about the best carry-on luggage with suit compartment; these packs have all the features that one can use during travel.

All the packs I have selected for this article can hold your suit separately and all other stuff you can carry with you on your trip, your books, a laptop for your business meetings, clothes, or some small items.

If you want to keep your shoes separate that may be muddy, then there are some packs in the above list that have a suit compartment and a separate shoe compartment. This shoe compartment would also help you to keep your wet clothes as well.

This depends on how well you can use these suit compartment carry-on on luggage; chose the one that fulfills all your needs and comes under your budget.

And if you purchase one of them? Give short and quick feedback in the comment section; your feedback would really help our readers to select the best one for themselves.


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