Hook and Albert Garment Luggage Carry-on Review

Hook and Albert Garment Luggage Carry-on Review

If you are going far away from your home to attend a business meeting or a party, it may be a business party or a new year party. It would be best to have a luggage bag with a separate suit compartment and some space to hold all your essentials.

That is why I review one of the top luggage bags with a suit compartment that is a Hook and Albert Garment Luggage Carry-on bag review.

Here I would discuss all the bag’s points if it is the key features of the pack, material quality, some info about the company, and the pros and cons. Keep reading the article to get all the points in a few minutes.

Hook and Albert Garment Luggage Carry-on Review

Hook and Albert Garment Luggage Carry-on bag Company

The Hook and Albert is an international company founded in 2011 interested to built quality luggage bags. The company depends on quality and is interested in giving stylish and modern luggage bags to its customers.

Size and Weight of the Hook and Albert Garment Luggage Carry-on Bag

When it comes to the bag’s size, the bag’s length is 55cm / 22in, and the width of the bag is 36cm / 14 inches. The bag is deep enough to hold a large amount of stuff and about 21cm in depth.

If we talk about the bag’s weight, the bag’s weight on a kilogram is 3.55kg, and in pounds, it is about 7.8lbs.

When it comes to the capacity of the bag, the Hook & Albert Black Garment Luggage Carry Bag has a storage capacity of 45L, which should provide enough space to allow you to pack the luggage for all short trips.

It gives enough room for multiple sets of clothes and makes you keep a couple of shoes in the bag too.

The Material of Hook and Albert Garment Luggage Carry-on Bag

When it comes to the bag’s material, the company uses top grain leather, which is famous for its long-lasting quality. This leather is called top-grain leather because its upper layer is shaved off and buffed, which provides softness.

If this info about the Hook and Albert Garment Luggage Carry-on bag is enough for you, then click the below image to view the price. otherwise, scroll down for the information about the bag.

Hook and Albert Garment Luggage Carry-on Review
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Multiple Useful Features – Let’s Dig Inside:

Here we would discuss all the trending features of the bag that is suit compartment of the bag, straps, wheels, and many more other features. Now, let’s discuss all the features one by one with a brief explanation.

Integrated Suit Compartment Feature

The luggage comes with a built-in suit bag, giving you space for any item of clothing you want to keep wrinkle-free. Whether you carry a couple of designer shirts, a stylish three-piece suit, or if you have a wife with you, then you can also keep her expensive suit in it.

The is why the hook and Albert garment luggage carry on can also keep your most essential clothes wrinkle-free, so travelers can wear that special three-piece suit directly from the bag without having to make any extra effort to make the suit well press. Your clothes would always be ready at party time or function.


Where is Suit Compartment Located in the Bag

The Hook & Albert Black twill garment luggage rolling carry-on integrates the garment compartment directly into the luggage’s sidewalls, making it wrap around the suitcase’s body to keep it upright at all times.

Loops Inside Garment Compartment

The luggage compartment has built-in loops at the top to secure the bundled hangers, while the zip lock makes it easy to remove what’s inside.


 Be sure to remove the rest of the luggage contents first before opening the garment bag because whatever you carry there can weigh it down, making pulling the garment more difficult.

Hook and Albert Garment Luggage Carry-on Review
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Excellent Compression System Feature

The built-in compression system allows you to keep your folded clothes neat and tidy all the time when it is inside the bag and pressing the luggage down to increase storage space.

The compression system is height adjustable as well, so you can use it whether you are packing a large pile of clothes or just a few items.

And if you need a rolling briefcase that can hold all your stuff and quickly and fast, then check one of my articles, best rolling briefcase, their I have listed all the rolling briefcase with detailed descriptions, pros, and cons.

TSA Lock Feature

When it comes to the security of the bag, no comments on it, it is secure with TSA approved lock, TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration.

Key Features:
  • The capacity of the Bag is 45L
  • High-Quality Top Grain Leather
  • Excellent Integrated Suit Compartment Feature
  • Inside Built-in Loops in the Garment Compartment
  • Awesome Compression System
  • The size is perfect
  • High-quality material
  • Excellent quality telescopic handle
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to use
  • Roll very easily
  • Can roll on any harsh surface
  • A bit expensive, but if we look at the features of the bag, then this price worth it

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fly with a garment bag?

On a plane, find a wardrobe or hanging bar at the front of the cabin, or if the plane cabin is full of luggage, tuck the bag over the seat next to you. Many airlines allow you to carry bags of clothing on board the plane, but the bag will likely count as one of your baggage allowances.

What size garment bag do I need?

It would be enough to have a 20 – 22 inches garment bag, that can easily carry four to five-day business day clothes. These sizes of bags are allowable for most airlines, but it is essentials to check before getting to the airport.

Do Garment Bags Prevent Wrinkles?

Yes, it works: Wrinkles are caused by friction on the cloth. When there is a layer of plastic trapped between the fabric, this process reduces the friction – then the result, No wrinkles.

This works whether you are packing a travel bag or a clothes bag; Just wrap or hang one clothes per bag

Ending Points:

It was all about the Hook and Albert Garment Luggage Carry-on Review, and I hope your search would end here because I have covered all the points about the Hook and Albert Garment Luggage bag if it is the material of the product or size and weight of the bag.

The key features of the Hook and Albert Garment Luggage Carry-on bag or the pros and cons. Now it depends on you that how well and properly you can use the bag and fulfill all your needs and requirements.

Also, give short and quick feedback after purchasing the garment bag, this short feedback would help my readers a lot.

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