How to Carry a Tent on a Backpack – Proper Guide 2021

How to Carry a Tent on a Backpack.

Hello, welcome here! In today’s article, I’m going to talk about how to carry a tent on a backpack. If you are one of those who love hiking and adventures so this article is only for you! Hiking and tenting require a terrific deal of walking, so you will desire to make your ride as easy as possible.


We know that tents are much heavier to carry them from one place to another, but sometimes it is essential to make it possible. Although tents are among the more massive types of equipment, you will be packing. So it is necessary to fill it wisely.

One of the best solutions is to tie your tent outside the backpack; you can also use backpack loops and straps. Let’s dig inside and figure out how to pack a tent outside the bag.

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Some Methods TO Carry a Tent on a Backpack

There are many ways to carry your tent on a backpack, but that makes your journey uncomfortable and may even lay to injury. We will cover the essential techniques to bring your tent and make your journey more comfortable. Mainly there are two main types inside your backpack and outside of it. Usually, the one you choose depends on the sort of bag that you have.

Which type of Backpack you have?

One thing we have to make clear which kind of pack we are using. Mainly there are two types of a backpack in the frame-like structure. That is an internal frame and an external frame. Both kinds of bags are viral in the market and will make your journey more comfortable.

How can I know if the Frame is Internal or External?

There are many variations between the internal frame backpacks and external frame backpacks of objects, but their design is the key. Although internal frames appear to be slim and typically have a top lid, outer edges are generally square and may contain larger equipment.

Overall, inner frames are lighter, although some examples can be found in the external section where the built ultralight was implemented.

How to Pack a Tent: Internal Frame Backpack

Internal frame backpacks typically have one extended compartment framework with tightening straps usually at the bottom.

So you will almost pack your tent inside the internal frame backpack, just because of enough space in it than their external counterparts.

You can also strap your stuff outside of some internal frame backpacks, but it is generally done by those hikers who are very advanced and need more gear to carry more weight.

According to the instructions of the tent manufacturer, pack your tent up as tightly as possible. This will make more space in your backpack. Now keep reading these short lines until the quarry on how to pack a tent in a bag gets solved.

how to carry a tent in internal frame backpack
Internal frame backpacks typically have one extended compartment framework with tightening straps usually at the bottom.

Roll your Tent First

Start rolling the tent in the smallest possible package and the poles, making sure that both are aligned. Keep in mind that these should be as straight as possible. Unroll and start again if you feel the alignment is all over the place.

A poorly rolling tent will later make the wrapping uncomfortable. The poles between the tent will provide balance and firmness.

It’ll shake out more storage. There’s also a risk that your backpack will become loose and unfurling, allowing your other equipment to get mixed up and end up damaging either the tent or your gear.
If you have an extra bag that came with the tent, keep the rolled tent into it and secure it as much as you can. Now you’ve got a lightweight tent ready for packing.

Make sure; you have to arrange the items in the pack by its weight. Put the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter items at the top. So because of lightweight, keep your tent at the top of all the things in the backpack.

Carrying a Tent Outside External Frame Backpack Straps

External frame backpack Straps generally provide better support and maintain a solid structure. That’s why an outer frame backpack is my favorite. An external frame backpack is also called a metal frame backpack.

External frames usually contain loops at these stages, generally providing a looser link. However, very often, external frame backpacks feature loops on these critical points. If you’re using the loops – that’s all right – I’ll suggest paying more attention to tightening things up.

For outside packing, I will suggest attaching the tent to the bottom of the backpack. It reduces your chances of getting hurt by putting less pressure on your back.

how to attach a tent to external frame backpack
External frame backpack Straps generally provide better support and maintain a solid structure.

Placing the tent at the bottom of the pack would make walking with it much more comfortable than if it were attached to the top, making walking and traveling very difficult with the backpack.

Understanding The Risk Of Packing The Tent Outside The Backpack

While there are several advantages of packing the tent outside of the backpack, there is also some downside, which I listed below.

Risk of Snagging The Tent

The big downside is the possibility of snagging the tent. With the tent on the outside, it is much more sensitive to damage from branches and other sharp objects. Because of catching outside, the components and some sharp objects could cut the tent and ruin it.

Check your Backpack to See if it is suitable for Exterior Packing.

Both types of backpacks, internal or external, are suitable for attaching the tent outside the pack because of plenty of compression straps. Before hiking, you have to ensure that the compressions straps and frames are in good condition.

Use Closed-loop ties on your Backpack for External Packing.

Such loops are threaded on both ends by closed loops. It will still be attached to your pack if your tent happens to slide off. Using this type of coils, You can at least have peace of mind that in the middle of nowhere, you will not lose your tent. Although closing loop ties work best, any secure knot should be sufficient to do the job.

Some Useful Tips for My Readers

  1. Make sure that when you pack it, your tent is dry. Waiting for it to dry out is worthwhile because while it may not seem like much, any amount of water would add considerable weight and could affect your other equipment.
  2. If your tent is loaded on the outside of your bag, keep an eye on leaves, thorns, and other items that might puncture it as you travel.
  3. If you have trouble figuring out the right setup, Consider checking the page of the backpack maker for a “how to carry a hiking backpack diagram.”
  4. If you’re new to hiking, be careful about the weight of your tent backpacking. The heavier it is, the longer it will take to get to your campsite.

Ending Points

Though, the primary purpose of the article was to guide you on how to carry a tent on a backpack properly.  I’m very sure that your mind will be transparent with some points of my proper research. Once more, for your care, practice packing the tent at home beforehand, especially if you’re going to be filling it on the outside. Best of luck 🙂

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