How To Clean a Canvas Backpack

How To Clean a Canvas Backpack?

Cleaning a canvas backpack requires care and technique in order to prevent damage to the bag. Canvas backpacks are often made up of fragile materials, and the usual ways of washing clothes could cause permanent damage to the pack. In this article, we are showing how to clean a canvas backpack safely and effectively in a step-by-step manner. 

Canvas backpacks are the classical and original form of backpacks that are very sturdy and durable. Due to its quality and versatile look, many users keep on using these backpacks for years.

Maintaining the backpack in good condition requires cleaning once in a while. For cleaning, many techniques are used, but we are using the preferred and most efficient way recommended by the professionals. 

A canvas backpack is made up of durable plain-woven fabric. However, canvas backpacks made up of linen or cotton are most common these days, and the canvas made of fabric is unique for its weaving style. You can learn how to clean canvas backpacks in a few easy steps in the guide below. 

How To Clean a Canvas Backpack

How to Clean a Canvas Backpack? Let’s Dig Inside:

Materials Needed:                                                              

● Detergent 

● Bottle of Spray

● Oxygen Cleaner

● Cleaning Brush

● Warm Water

● Rag

● Towel

Remove the Dirt: 

To remove the dirt quickly and without damaging the bag, use a soft broom. Softly remove the dirt without rubbing it too hard on the backpack’s surface.

Make sure to clean the inside of the pack as well as the edges. Briefly inspect the bag and if no dirt particle is seen, move to the next stop. 


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Clean the Inside:

 After removing the dirt, the next step is to clean the inside of the back. Oftentimes the inside of the backpack is left dirty, and you can use water to remove the stains present on the material inside the bag. Avoid harsh cleaning to keep the pack in good shape. 

Spray the Mixture of Surface:  

 Now that the dirt is removed inside and outside of the backpack, it’s time to spray the mixture on the outside surface. Gently brush the surface to clean the dirty surface further, and continue until the whole surface is sprayed and brushed. 

Clear the Patches:  

If you are still seeing some patches after brushing the surface, you can use mild soap to clean off the patch. Mild soap could be a dishwashing soap or any other soap that can produce froth.

Alternative to the soap is vinegar. Fill the bottle with vinegar, and spraying it can get rid of the stains easily. 

Wipe With a Towel:  

Now that the stains are successfully removed, you can use a towel to wipe the entire surface, and this will somewhat get rid of the water residing on the backpack’s surface.

Dry in the Air: 

Once the wiping is done, there is still plenty of water present in the backpack, requiring more than twenty-four hours to dry completely.

Check the weather before putting the bag to dry to avoid heavy wind or rain. Drying with the help of the sun is also preferred to be a suitable method. 

FAQs About How to Clean a Canvas Backpack?

Does a Canvas Backpack Get Wet? 

The base and trim ends of the backpack are waterproof. A little bit of water can not damage the bag. Keep the inside of the pack in mind, which is sensitive to the water.

Therefore you should not worry much about placing the backpack on a wet floor. 

How to Clean a Canvas Organizer? 

Make a mixture of two gallons of warm water and a tablespoon of liquid detergent. Avoid the use of bleach in the mixture.

Make sure that the canvas is wet to be scrubbed properly. Soak a sponge in the mixture and wipe the canvas in rotary motion. After cleaning it, use a brush on the dirty patches.   

Can a Canvas Backpack be Drycleaned?

Due to the fragile and sensitive material, the canvas backpack can not be dry cleaned. The best way to remove the stains from the bag is to brush, and a little bit of the talcum powder can be used to get rid of the oil stains. After washing it, leave the backpack in the open air to dry. 

Can the Printed Canvas Bag be Washed?. 

The canvas material can sustain heavy washing; therefore, the printed canvas can be washed. It is preferred that the bag is folded inside out to avoid damage to the colors of the backpack.

Dryers can cause the pack to shrink; therefore, it is recommended to let the bag dry on its own. 

How to Take Care of a Canvas Backpack?

To remove the stains from the backpack, use mild soap or cold water. Before applying the soap all over the pack, make sure to apply it to a small area of the bag.

This will allow you to know whether the soap damages the color of the backpack or not. After washing the spot, avoid drying the pack under the sunlight.


Learning how to clean a canvas backpack is very simple and easy. The purpose of learning a suitable method to clean the bag is to avoid damaging the surface.

You can do it in a few simple steps. First of all, try removing the dirt from the backpack inside and outside.

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