How to get a Backpack Zipper Unstuck

How to get a Backpack Zipper Unstuck? | Fix The Jammed Zipper in Few Steps

The most fragile part of a backpack is always the zipper, and people often seek to learn how to get a backpack zipper unstuck? Backpack companies have enhanced the quality of materials to increase durability and lifespan.

Improving the quality of the zippers can improve the quality somehow, but the mechanism is still the same. On the one hand, Zippers allow us to open and close the backpack quickly, but it is prone to problems such as getting stuck. 

While getting the zipper unstuck, the first thing to do is to check whether a material has stuck in the zipper from inside or not. The material can easily be pulled to check if it can be loosened up.

There is a good chance of you successfully getting it done. Tweezers could help pull the material much easier. If trying this method fails, you still have multiple ways to try. 

There are many techniques available to get the zipper unstuck, but the most common is getting the zipper unstuck using a pencil, using a lubricant, and freeing obstructions in fabric.

This guide will let you go through a step-by-step guide on each of these methods. Now scroll down and get all the points in a few minutes.

Multiple Ways to Get the Backpack Zipper Unstuck:

Tweezer Method: 

Check for the Snag:

In case the zipper is not moving, there is a good chance that the material is stuck inside. A good sign to recognize whether material is stuck inside the zipper or not is to observe the motion of the zipper. If the zipper is not even slightly moving, that means it is due to the snag. 

Fix The Snag: 

After finding out the material halting the motion of the zipper, pull the fabric in the opposite direction of the zipper and gently pull it. In case pulling the fabric does not work, you can use a pair of tweezers to firmly grip the fabric.

If it is unsuccessful, try pushing the fabric stuck inside the zipper teeth using a needle-oriented object such as a safety pin, etc. Don’t go hard on it, as there is a good chance of getting the material damaged. 

Move zipper Back and Forth:  

Get a firm grip on the fabric and gently start pulling it up and down. The soft back and forth movement of the zipper can set free the fabric.

The Pencil Method: 

Get a Pencil: 

Find a good quality pencil having fine graphite. The pencil’s tip is graphite which can be used as a lubricant to help lose the stuck zipper. For good results, find a wooden pencil instead of other mechanical pencils. Try finding the pencil with a broad tip, making it easy to get graphite on a zipper. 

Rub the tip of a Pencil on the Teeth of the Zipper:  

Start by holding the zipper together with one hand and rubbing the pencil’s tip on both sides of the zipper. Continue this process until the teeth of the zipper are completely lubricated with the graphite.

The focal point where lubrication is much needed is the middle point where both the teeth meet. Apply low pressure on the pencil’s tip so that it does not break. 

 Slide the Zipper:  

Now that the teeth of the zipper are completely lubricated with the graphite of the pencil try moving the zipper gently. Test it by pulling it slowly.

The zipper, by now, should be able to move freely. After getting the zipper unstuck, clean your hands and the graphite on the zipper using a towel. Avoid pulling the zipper forcefully as it can damage the backpack’s material. 

Till now if you have get the answer of the query how to open a stuck zipper on a bag? then it is ok. If not then continue the reading to get the problem solve.

  The Improvised Lubricant Method: 

 Get a Lubricant:  

Get any sort of lubricant available at your house that could help diminish the friction between the fabric and teeth of the zipper. It can be chapstick, and you can also use Petroleum jelly, candles, and crayon pencils.

Apply Lubricant: 

Try applying the lubricant to the teeth of the zipper. Initiate with the portion of the teeth that are stuck and apply the lubricant in a reasonable amount.

Slightly move the zipper along with the application of the lubricant using up and down motion. The lubricant will seep down, and moving the zipper will become much more manageable. 

FAQs About How to Get a Backpack Zipper Unstuck: 

How to Loosen a Brass Zipper Stuck due to Corrosion? 

Try using the lemon extract. Squirt a few drops of lemon juice on the zipper and gently move it back and forth. After a while, the motion of the zipper becomes quicker. Also, give the zipper a rinse as well afterward. 

How to get the Zipper Unstuck Caused by a Plastic Bag?

 The temperature has a good effect on materials such as plastic. Try putting it at a lower temperature or heat it using a blow dryer. This will make it easy to remove the plastic stuck in the zipper.

How do you Loosen a Zipper Slider?

Lubricate the zipper using balm over the teeth. Soap can be utilized for the same results. You can also rub the lead of the pencil over the affected area. Move the zipper up and down a few times, seeing precise results. 

How to Fix a Separated Zipper?

 Detach the bottom from the zipper, and adjust the zipper pull. Relocate the zipper teeth. Now readjust the zipper and put the thread in a sewing needle. Make a zipper stop. Now restore the damaged area above the teeth.


 It might sometimes be challenging to figure out how to fix a jammed zipper?, but using a few simple techniques can make it easy in a short while. This will save the backpack from getting damaged, and the problem of a stuck zipper solved.

You can use any sort of lubricant available at home and unstuck the zipper. Try to pick the method that best suits your situation and find the best results. 


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