How To Make Your Backpack Lighter

How To Make Your Backpack Lighter?

When you often tire of bearing the load of your heavy backpack, you wish to learn how to make your backpack lighter so that your needs are not compromised.

You have tried to cut some necessary things from your luggage, but your needs won’t be fulfilled. The best way to solve this problem is to use smart techniques to minimize the backpack’s weight without trading off your needs. 

Heavy loads of backpacks can cause stress and even damage our shoulders and back. Whether going on a hike or taking your books to school, bearing the burden of a heavy load can cause medical conditions such as Apophysitis. 

Smart use of backpacks can increase productivity and lower your chances of getting back problems. You can learn how to make your bag lighter in the guide below. 

How To Make Your Backpack Lighter?

Pick a Perfectly Fitting Backpack: 

Go to a backpacking shop where professionals are available who understand which backpack is the right fit for your body. Straps can reduce the pressure on the shoulders and back because of their padding.

Customize the straps’ length so that the backpack resides straight against your back. The straightness of the pack against your back will reduce the weight burden on your shoulders and back.

To divide the weight equally on your shoulders and back, where both the straps simultaneously. You can use the waist and chest straps to increase your comfort level, especially on long walks.  

Buy Backpacks Made of Lightweight Substances:

Substances from which they create backpacks can contribute to many factors that enhance the backpack experience. Lightweight fabric has the quality of minimizing the weight while being firmly held together.

Additional features such as resisting water are also highly preferred. Buying a backpack with all these features combined can be the best deal. Cutting the pack’s weight in half can help minimize the load on your shoulders. 

Clean up Your Backpack from Useless Objects:

Do a cleanup of your backpack once a week. Pull out all the useless things that have expired or are dysfunctional or trash.

Only put the goods that you use most frequently—doing this once a week time will lighten your backpack to a great extent. Also, this can keep your bag neat and tidy. 

Use Smart Gadgets:

Instead of using books in complex forms, use smart gadgets for reading in which you can save hundreds of books. This will reduce the weight of your backpack to half and save you a lot of space in your bag.

Other benefits of using books in the soft form include easy mobility, saving bookmarks, and cost reduction. You can also use other software such as diaries and notebooks to write your work.  

use smart reading gadgets to make your backpack lighter


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Use Simple Items instead of Sophisticated ones:

Reduce your luggage from carrying all the luxurious items to carrying only simple and necessary goods of use. For example, If you use the backpack for school, only put a pencil and pen on rather than having the large-sized geometry boxes.

If using the pack for a hike, only put on a towel, an extra shirt, and a drinking water bottle.  

Use Multi-Purpose Items:

Use multi-purpose items to reduce the weight as well as reduce the space it takes. An excellent example is a Swiss knife, which has fourteen different tools in a single holding.

You can also use a single pair of shoes for multi-purposes, such as hiking, jogging, running, etc.  

What is the prescribed weight of a Backpack by the Doctor for the Kids?  

A consensus of a doctor’s team suggests that kids carrying more than fifteen percent of their body weight can be harmful. e.g., A primary school kid should bear the 11 pounds backpack if his weight is around 70 pounds. 

What is the Weight Limit of an Average Backpack? 

 A fully loaded backpack should not exceed the weight limit of more than twenty percent of your total body weight.

For instance, If you weigh 150 pounds, the weight of your backpack should be 30 pounds maximum.

Putting more weight in your bag than the weight limit can damage the pack and cause pain in your shoulders and back. 

How much do Light Backpacks Weigh?

A lightweight backpack weighs between 10 to 20 pounds. Almost all the long-distance packs are lightweight, and the weight is distributed among the base, straps and covering.

Light backpacks are designed for long-distance walkers to ease the burden on their shoulders.  


With such minimum effort, you can reduce the size and weight of your luggage. Hopefully, this guide teaches you how to make your backpack lighter.

If you have more pack-related queries, you can also check other articles on our website. You can find the best solution for your backpack-related problem on our website.   

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