How to Pack a Sleeping Bag into a Backpack

How to Pack a Sleeping Bag into a Backpack?

If you are new to Hiking, you should know different things like how to pack a sleeping bag into a backpack. But if you don’t, then worry not because I’m going to teach you everything about packing a sleeping bag into the backpack.

Packing sleeping bags in a backpack is not that difficult; instead, it’s very simple. Sometimes it becomes challenging to pack certain sleeping bags along with other stuff into your gear, and it is because there are different types of sleeping bags.

So you need to know the proper way to load it into your backpack.

In the article below, I defined some of the primary and top recommended methods to pack your sleeping bags in your backpack. These methods also prevent you from issues that could occur in the future.

How to Pack a Sleeping Bag into a Backpack?

Sleeping bag inside or outside the backpack, well, there are different approaches to packing a sleeping bag into your backpack. All of those methods have their pros, and some of them even have some cons.

The Cons also will be discussed along the way. Let me show you some of the basic and proper ways to pack your sleeping bag into a backpack.

Packing into your Sleeping Bag Compartment:

Packing Sleeping Bag Inside the Backpack

The proper and efficient way to store your sleeping bag is to pack and squeeze it into the sleeping bag compartment. Nowadays, almost every modern hiking bag has a sleeping bag compartment.

Packing your sleeping bag into the sleeping bag compartment is really simple and easy.

All you need to do is check the sleeping bag for moisture and dampness before putting it in its bag.

After that, squeeze the sleeping bag into the sleeping bag compartment.

The sleeping bag compartment keeps your sleeping bag safe and dry even in the rain.

It also will provide a cushioning effect for the lower back that enables a shock absorber effect whenever you sit with your backpack.

The only problem the sleeping bag compartment has is its size. Some of you have a more oversized sleeping bag that can’t be stored in that compartment, which you must keep inside the backpack.


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Packing Sleeping Bag Inside the Backpack:

Sometimes you end up with a backpack with no sleeping bag compartment, so you must either pack it inside or attach it outside. First, we discuss how to pack it inside the backpack.

Before keeping the sleeping bag inside the backpack, you need to check the sleeping bag for damps and moisture.

After that, roll the sleeping bag properly, so it becomes very compact. Then put it into its own small bag in which it comes.

Now squeeze and place the sleeping bag in the bottom of the backpack. Why at the bottom, you ask. Placing it at the bottom is important because it is the only item that is used once all day and the last one to come out.

The sleeping bag is also soft and unable to damage, so put everything on top of it. But avoid placing liquid on top because if it spoils, you will wet your sleeping bag and other things.

Sometimes the sleeping bag is very compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space; then, you place it on one of the sides as long as it doesn’t bother your other stuff.

Packing Underneath the Backpack Lid:

Storing a sleeping bag outside the pack can be done with two methods, one fits in underneath the Backpack LID, and another is attached outside the backpack. So let’s start.

Nowadays, every backpack has a LID on the top that covers the backpack’s main compartment and vertical straps that let him attach it to its gear.

You can store and place your sleeping bag under this LID to keep it safe from rain and other damaging stuff. The top LID only allows smaller sleeping bags.

If you have a bigger sleeping bag, then the LID might be unable to cover the sleeping bag correctly. Whenever you have a big sleeping bag, then it might get wet from the rains.

Attach the Sleeping Back outside of the Backpack:

Attach the Sleeping Back outside of the Backpack

Sometimes you end up in a situation where you have a small backpack with no sleeping bag compartment or a sleeping bag too big for the pack to store inside, then you have only one option, which is to attach it outside.

Attaching the sleeping bag to the outside of the backpack is easy, but it has drawbacks. The attachment can be in a few simple steps.

First, you have to roll and pack the sleeping bag in its bag. After that, you need to place it inside the outer straps loops designed especially for this at the bottom of the backpack.

Now place the sleeping bag in those loops and tie and reconnect it with the backpack. If it’s loose, tighten the straps, so they hold the load properly.

Most backpacks have straps, which are used for attaching stuff like this. If your bag doesn’t have straps, then you can use elastic Cords or webbing straps which are also good alternatives for straps.


The sleeping bag is one of the few things that are important for you whenever you are camping, which is why you need to pack before you pack other stuff. The Packing should be appropriate, so it should take as little space as possible.

I hope you get the idea of how to pack a sleeping bag into a backpack, but if you have any questions in the article, don’t hesitate to ask.

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