Lily and Drew Carry On Weekender Bag Review (2)

Lily and Drew Carry On Weekender Bag Review | Complete Guide

The Lily and Drew Carry On Weekender Bag is a classic design and perfect weekender bag known for multiple names, that is┬álily & drew carry-on weekender, lily and drew toiletry bag, lily & drew bags, a nurse’s bag, and so on. Here I would discuss all the eye-catching features, pros, and cons of this useful pack with you that would clear all your queries and doubts about the bag.

Lily & Drew Carry On Weekender Bag’s Company

The LILY & DREW is an online company famous for its quality and trending products related to lifestyle and travel. The company came into being in early 2016 by Frisco, a small team of wife and husband. The LILY & DREW company is passionate about adding more fun and joy to everyone’s travel, making the journey full of pleasure, and fulfilling all travelers’ requirements.

Lily and Drew Carry On Weekender Bag Review

Size and Weight

When it comes to the Lily and Drew Travel Bag’s size and weight, not so small and not so large. This mid-volume travel bag is 16″ wide and 13″ tall(at the bottom). The bag is deep, about 5.5″ at the top. The weight of the bag is 3lb.

The Material of Lily & Drew Travel Bag

When it comes to the bag’s material, the exterior of the bag is made of water-resistant polyester. Polyester fabric is famous for its lightweight and durable quality. It retains its shape quickly and dries fast after handwash.

But here, the bag’s exterior is water-resistant construction, which would make you relax and worry-free when it is raining. Be careful water-resistant doesn’t mean that the bag is waterproof, don’t put it down in the water. Otherwise, you would wet your essentials.

The interior of the bag has a durable interior polyester lining, which is soft enough.


Here are some instructions if you want to want the bag, follow these instructions first. Keep in mind that the bag is not machine washable; you can wash it through your hands. Do not use bleach while washing. And if you want to dry the pack after washing, do not dry it in direct sunlight.

If this information is enough for you, then click the below link to purchase the bag for yourself; otherwise, scroll down to the feature’s section to read all the details of the Lily and Drew Travel Weekender Bag.

lily and drew carry on weekender bag
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Features of the Lily and Drew Travel Weekender Bag – Lets Dig Inside:

Let’s discuss some of the smart and tricky features of the bag one by one with a detailed explanation.

AirPlane Friendly Bag

As I mentioned in the above heading that the lily and drew carry-on weekender bag is Air Plane friendly, which means that the bag is compliant and perfect for airline travel, especially its suitable small size fix at every place. So you can pack your under-seat personal items with you without any tension.

Pockets Organization of Lily & Drew Carry On Weekender

When it comes to the bag’s organization, it means how many pockets the bag has, when it is internal or external, or are these pockets located and how you can use them efficiently.

There is a main pocket that is large enough to hold all your essentials. There are also inside mesh pockets, three medium and two small. These mesh pockets would help you to organize all your small items.

lily and drew carry on weekender

Laptop Pocket

Besides the main pocket, a laptop pocket can hold a large-sized laptop and some other stuff located parallel to the main compartment. This laptop compartment is also essential to keep your large property, books, towel, or clothes.

If you need to carry some water bottles or beverages, two large side pockets are used to hold water bottles and other drinks. Now you can bring some water bottles on your way to keep yourself hydrated.

There is also a hidden back pocket, where you can keep some other documents, files, and a small storybook.

Quick Access Front Pocket

If you need a quick access pocket, you can use that to keep all your frequently used items, such as your gloves, glasses, cell phone, and all other small essentials. Then don’t worry, lily and drew travel tote would fulfill your wish; this functional bag has a hidden front pocket through which you can quickly access your stuff without any difficulty.

How Would You Carry The Lily And Drew Carry On Weekender Bag?

There are multiple carry options that the Lilly & Drew company included in this cute weekender bag. You can carry the bag with a medium carry handle, through which you can move the load with one hand. And if you get tired quickly by moving the bag with your hand, there is also a large shoulder strap; carry the bag with your shoulder with a straight or cross body position.

The shoulder strap is padded with a fabric piece; you would not feel any pain in the shoulder when your bag is fully loaded.

Efficient Trolley Sleeve Feature

This efficient feature of the bag would help you when you were carrying more than one luggage bag. If you have a rolling suitcase and the lily and drew tote simultaneously when you are at the airport, it would be difficult for you to move the load.

So at that time, use the trolly sleeve feature, put the bag down from your shoulder, roll over the trolley sleeve on your rolling suitcase handle, and move on. If you want to read the practical guide to attach the bag with a rolling suitcase, then read one of the best articles based on how to attach a bag to a rolling suitcase?

Lily and Drew Carry On Weekender Bag Review | Complete Guide
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Key Features:
  • The Exterior of the Bag has Water-resistance Feature
  • Polyester Lining Interior
  • The Bag Dries Fast after Hand Wash
  • Quickly Retains the Shape after Washing
  • Airplane Friendly Feature
  • Large Enough Main Pocket
  • Several Inside Mesh Pockets
  • Side Water Bottle Pockets
  • Easy Access Front Pocket
  • Trolley Sleeve Feature
  • Multiple Carry Options
  • Durable Carry Handle
  • Large Enough Padded Shoulder Strap
  • The pockets would make your travel convenient
  • The quick-access front pocket is ingenious
  • Well made design
  • The trolly sleeve can quickly turn into a small pocket
  • Perfect for international travel
  • Atack well on a rolling suitcase
  • Very suitable price
  • Plastic made zippers
  • The laptop compartment is not well padded


It was all about the Lilly and Drew Carry On Weekender Bag that I explain very deeply with detailed descriptions, key features, and pros and cons. I hope your search would end here; now, it depends on how well you can use all these features of the bag and fulfill all your requirements. So I hope you would not regret your decision to purchase the bag.

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