London Fog Buckingham 44 Wheeled Garment Bag Review

London Fog Buckingham 44 Wheeled Garment Bag Review | 2021

Welcome here. This article is all about the London Fog Buckingham 44 Wheeled Garment Bag. Here, I would discuss all the London Fog Buckingham garment bag points with you, if it is the material of the bag or the size and weight, the key features of the bag or the pros and cons.

I would try my best to offer you all the complete and well research knowledge about the pack to make your query solve and finish your doubts to purchase the bag without any hesitation.

Further more, If you are going for a travel or want to attend the party, you need a luggage bag with a clothing section to keep all your clothes wrinkle-free. And if the bag has wheels to push your luggage quickly, it would be an excellent choice for you.

That is why I have reviewed the top-ranking garment bag with wheels that is London Fog Buckingham 44 Wheeled Garment Bag. Now scroll down and read the article to the end to get all the points in a few minutes.

London Fog Buckingham 44 Wheeled Garment Bag “Company”

London Fog Buckingham is an American international company founded in 1923. The company is working on several products that are coats, jackets and luggage bags. The priority of the company is to provide excellent quality products that work for a long time.

“Size and Weight” of the London Fog Buckingham 44 Wheeled Garment Bag

When it comes to the bag’s size and weight, the bag’s height is 22 inches and has 23 inches in length. And if you measure the height when the bag is open, then it is about 44 inches. The depth of the bag is 4 × 23 inches.

Material And Zippers Quality

The London Fog Buckingham garment bag’s material is a woven polyester fabric known for its several efficient qualities. One of the best quality of woven polyester that it dries quicker than other types of material. Also, it is very flexible and does not wrinkle easily.

When it comes to the bag’s zippers, this garment rolling bag has strong nylon zippers with strong durability and more flexible than tooth zippers. And if the zippers are getting loose or damaged, then very easy to repair them quickly.

If your query solved until here, then click the below image to purchase the bag. Otherwise, scroll down to get the full information on the London Fog Buckingham 44 Wheeled Garment Bag.

London Fog Buckingham 44 Wheeled Garment Bag
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Design of the Bag

Buckingham has a unique and stylish design that would make you feel like you are opening a book. It is mostly designed for use on business trips or formal events but well suited for casual trips as well and would work better for you if you don’t want your clothes to be wrinkled.

Several Useful Features of the London Fog Buckingham 44 Wheeled Garment Bag

When it comes to the bag’s size, this garment bag is large enough to hold a couple of clothes, and your three-piece suits wrinkle-free. The size of the bag is enough to keep your 5 to 6-days garments very easily.

Useful Inside Pockets

The bag is very organized; there are several useful pockets, including mesh pockets. These mesh pockets are used to hold your sweater and tie pocket secured with zippers; you can pack a couple of ties in them.

There are small shoe pockets inside the bag, so if you have an extra couple of shoes, keep the shoes inside the bag separate from the other stuff and move on.


Easy Access Front Pocket

The bag’s front pocket would let you keep all the frequently used items in it, that may be your gloves, wallet, a small towel that you would use to wipe your sweat, and all the other stuff you would repeatedly use during travel.

Useful Double Hooks Feature

The double hooks allow you to hang your clothes quickly, and you can hang the bag. London Fog Buckingham 44 trolley bag directly in the closet at your destination or home, so you don’t need to pack and unpack every time.

The clothes you can hang on include three-piece suits, jackets, skirts, luxury dresses and many more.

Large Enough Telescopic Handle

If you fully loaded the pack before the outing, then it would be difficult for you to push or drag the bag; this will require strong force.

That is why the company included a robust telescopic handle that will quickly push or pull the luggage. When the handle is not in use, hide the telescopic handle inside the top small zipper pocket built for the handle.

Besides this, the is a carry handle at the top of the bag that would let you carry the bag with one hand when the pack is not fully loaded.

Durable In-Line Skate Wheels

The London Fog Buckingham Luggage company included strong skate wheels in the bag that would make your job very easy and effortless. Now its time to roll the garment bag and ignore how much the bag is full; these wheels would move it quickly.

If you want to have a rolling bag that can hold all your small and large stuff, then check out one of my articles based on the best rolling briefcase.

Please read the article; I have compiled the rolling briefcase list with all the essential features, pros and cons. Otherwise, scroll down for a further reading of the same article of London Fog Buckingham 44 Wheeled Garment Bag.

London Fog Buckingham 44 Wheeled Garment Bag blackLondon Fog Buckingham 44 Wheeled Garment Bag Review | 2021

Key Features
  • Durable Woven Polyester Fabric
  • Inside Suit Pocket
  • Inside Mesh Pockets
  • Separate Inside Shoe Pockets
  • Excellent Quality In-Line Skate Wheels
  • Large Size Telescopic Handle
  • Front Quick Access Pocket
  • Top Small Zipper Pocket for Telescopic Handle
  • Durable Nylon Zippers
  • Very sturdy
  • Plenty of space
  • Out side pocket is roomy enough to hold extra stuff
  • Can hold two pair of shoes
  • The wheels roll smoothly on any surface
  • Very easy to organize
  • Sharp design
  • Can hold enough stuff for one week trip
  • Very easy to handle
  • The zippers conflict with each other sometimes
  • Doesn’t have shoulder straps, but this job can be done by the carry handle

Ending Points:

This article was all about the London Fog Buckingham 44 Wheeled Garment Bag black. I try my best to collect all the information about the bag.

Here I explained all the specifications if it is the bag’s material, the size and weight, the key features and all the pros and cons. I hope your search about the London fog Buckingham 44 wheeled garment bag.

It depends on how properly you can use the pack and get all the advantages to fulfil all your needs and requirements.

Here I want to roll your eyes on the bag price; it sounds expensive, but if we look at the bag’s useful features and quality material. Then this price is not a huge deal. You get what you pay for.

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