matein rolling backpack Review

Matein Rolling Backpack review – Proper Guide

Need a backpack that can hold a large amount of stuff and easy to carry in two ways; it may be due to strong and quite wheels, robust and high-quality shoulder straps.

Then don’t worry, here I would let you read a well written and full knowledge about the Matein Rolling Backpack review. Here you would find all the tricky points about the Matein Rolling Backpack if it is the backpack’s key features or the pros and cons.

You would also find useful info about the bag’s material and the company of the rolling gear. Now, Let’s scroll down and read the complete review to get all the points about the Matein Rolling Backpack in a few minutes.

Matein Rolling Backpack “Company”

Matein is an international company, taking interest to make a high-quality backpack. The name Matein is basically formed from a small phrase, Mate I’m In.

The company first think about the pack that what a customer required, what type of feature would be beneficial that should be in a backpack that one can carry for travel or school and college. And then, the company decided to add all the useful features to the bag.

That is why the company constructed one million backpacks with quality and valuable features that won the customers’ hearts.


“Size and Weight” of the Matein Rolling Backpack

When it comes to the Matein Rolling Backpack size, it has round about 21 inches in height and has 13 inches in length. And the bag has enough depth, which is approximately 13 x 9 inches depth.

The weight of the pack in pounds is 4.8 lbs, and in kilogram, it has 2.17 kg weight.

The Material of Matein Rolling Backpack

The Matein company uses high-quality polyester material to construct the Matein Rolling Backpack, which is waterproof. Now, if it is raining, worry not and move on without any tension; your stuff would be clean and dry throughout the day.

The company also uses waterproof padding material at the bottom of the bag, which prevents the bag from abrasion.

Matein wheeled Rolling Backpack reviewMatein Rolling Backpack review - Proper Guide

Multiple Useful Features of the Matein Rolling Backpack

Large Size Main Compartment

When it comes to the backpack’s pockets, it has a large enough main compartment, which can hold tons of stuff; it may be your books, your clothes, towel and all other essentials. You can secure your property without any tension. The main compartment is secured with a strong metal zipper.

Separate Laptop Compartment

The Matein Rolling Backpack comes with a separate laptop compartment, which can hold up to 15.6 inches laptop and 15, and 13 inches MacBook as well.

Your laptop would be secure from scratches because it would be separate from all the hard stuff. There is also a small and well-padded section for a tablet. Now you can secure all your electronic devices in one place.

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There I have listed all the lunch compartment backpacks with essential features, pros and cons. Otherwise, scroll down to continue the reading of the same article Matein Rolling Backpack review,

Document Compartment

The pack has a useful document compartment if you need to carry some business files, paperwork, small copy, or other documents. Keep all these essential documents in the document compartment located at the front of the backpack. Please do not mix these business files with all other stuff; you may miss them.

Easy Access Front Pocket

There is an easy and quick access front pocket, so if you are using too many small items frequently, that may be your storybook, glasses, gloves, and your mobile phone. You can put all these often-used items in the front pocket; this pocket would let you take out the stuff quickly and easily.

Side Water Bottle Pockets

If you are going to carry a water bottle or any beverages with you, this useful pack has side mesh pockets that are expandable. You can put the water bottle in the side mesh pockets to make your self hydrated during travel or may be for school and college.

Lockable Metal Zippers Feature

Now it’s time to secure all your stuff; this rolling backpack has strong and robust quality metal zippers, which would help you secure your property. Lock all your essentials and move on without any worry.

Waterproof Bottom Panel Feature

The Matein Rolling Backpack has a waterproof bottom panel now if it is raining or there is water on the road’s side. Worry not, carry your stuff; it would be safe and dry.

Excellent Quality Telescopic Handle

The company added a high-quality telescopic handle to the bag, which is long enough to push or pull the load. If the telescopic handle not in use, hide the handle in the top small zipper pocket secured with a zipper.

How Would You Carry the Bag?

There are two options in the Matein wheeled Backpack to carry it, the well constructed padded shoulder straps and durable rubber wheels.

If you are going on a trip and has tons of stuff, this situation may occur during school time, especially at the 9th or 10 class. You may need to carry tons of books and paperwork.

When your bag is fully loaded, take out the telescopic handle and roll the load instead of having the stuff on your shoulder.

This would damage your back. And if your bag is not fully loaded, then hide the telescopic handle in the top separate small zipper pocket, move the load to the shoulders and move on.

The wheels are high quality; you can roll the bag on any surface if it is on the carpet or harsh surface; the bag would roll easily on that.

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Matein Rolling Backpack reviewMatein Rolling Backpack review - Proper Guide

Key Features:
  • High Quality Waterproof Polyester Material
  • Large Size Main Compartment
  • Separate Laptop and Tablet Pocket
    • Can hold up to 15.6 inches laptop
  • Easy Access Front Pocket for Frequently Used Items
  • Document Pocket
  • Each Side Water Bottle Pocket
  • Well Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Shoulder Straps are Adjustable
  • Waterproof Bottom Panel
  • Durable Carry Handle
  • Metal Zippers
  • Excellent Quality Telescoopic Metal Telescopic Handle
  • The handle Set on Two Size
  • Quality Rubber Wheels
  • Sharp and Stylish Design
  • It can carry large amount of stuff at a time
  • Everything fits well without tilting the bag
  • This rolling backpack stands well on its own
  • The bag has both features convience and security
  • Sturdy and well constructed quality
  • Quality zippers that are freely and smoothly
  • The bag roll easily at any surface
  • The pull out handle is good quality
  • A bit small size to go for a long trip
  • A bit tight format

Ending Points:

Now that’s it; this was all about the Matein Rolling Backpack Review. Here I have done my best to list all the features with a brief explanation. I provide complete knowledge about the company, the size and weight of the Matein Backpack.

I hope your search would end here. Now it depends on you how well you can use the bag and use all the pack features to fulfil all your needs and requirements.

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