Ogio Layover Travel bag review

OGIO Layover Travel Bag Review | Perfect Choice for Travel

The travel bag that comes in trending in a very short time is the Layover Travel bag, this was because of its many useful features that a traveller can use to make his job very easy.

That is why I have given a short and quick OGIO Layover Travel Bag review. Here I have covered all the features of the bag, size and weight I mean the specification of the bag and a bit of information about the company of the pack.

Read the complete review, and I hope you will get your point here that you are searching through the internet. Scroll down and read the specification and the key features that would let you purchase the bag without any hesitation.

OGIO Layover Travel Bag Company

OGIO is an international company interested in making athletic gears. Besides the athletic gears, the company is also interested in manufacturing backpacks, travel bags and many more luggage packs.

The company is famous for its durable and quality materials that they are using. All the luggage packs that the company has, not quite expensive nor so cheap. The price of each bag comes in a mid-range price that everyone can purchase easily.

Ogio Layover Travel Bag Review
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Let’s Check the Size and Weight of the OGIO Layover Travel Bag

When it comes to the size of the bag, how much it is deep and what about the whole dimension? The bag has approximately 23 inches in height and has 15 inches in width that adds much space to the bag. Also, 15 x 7.4 depth, would make you able to keep all the large size gear inside the bag without any difficulty.

When it comes to the weight of the bag, it is 8 Pounds heavy and if you want to check the size in kilograms then the weight turns into 3.6 kg. Not so heavy when we look at the size of the bag, very long and has enough width. So this weight comes perfect for it.

Features Large Main Compartment

The OGIO travel bag features a large main compartment that can hold tons of stuff at a time. You may need to carry tons of stuff, that may be your clothes, a towel, a couple of shirts and all other accessories. You can easily keep all these items in the Ogio travel bag. 

If you need a backpack with a separate laptop compartment, then check out one of my articles based on a work bag with lunch compartment.

Inside Compression Straps

Why does a normal luggage bag fail to carry the clothes, because they don’t have compression strap features? The compression straps are located inside the main compartment that is used to hold your clothes and keep them wrinkle-free and safe inside the main compartment.

Simply put all your clothes including your shirts inside the main pocket, closed the compression strap and stop the clothes from moving here and there inside the bag.


Inside Accessory Pocket

If you need to carry your valuables, that may be your headphone, a small storybook, and other small essentials then there is a side pocket inside the main compartment which would keep all your valuables safe which is secured with a strong and durable zipper.

Besides this, there are two mesh pockets that would let you keep all small types of clothing, that you want to keep separate from the other stuff.

Ogio Layover Travel Bag Review
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Two Front Pockets

Front pockets are very necessary for every travel bag because these pockets can hold all the repeatedly used items. That is why the company added two front pockets that would let you keep all the frequently used items in them. These items may be your gloves, glasses, ID card, and your Passport.

Multiple Useful Grab Handles

Easy to grab handles would let you pick up the bag and move it here and there very easily. There are two grab handles on the sides of the bag, two at the front of the bag and one at the top of the bag which would let you move the bag from one place to another easily. And if the bag is fully loaded then you can pick up the bag through it.

Durable Wheels

Strong and Durable Wheels play an important role in every travel luggage bag. Every travel bag gets heavy when it is fully loaded, which makes it hard to move the luggage from one place to another. But here the company added strong and durable wheels, loaded the bag with tons of stuff and rolled it without any difficulty on any surface.

Long Enough Telescopic Handle

There is a large size telescopic handle which would let you pull or push the load quickly. If the telescopic handle is not in use, hide it inside the special handle pocket located at the top of the bag.

Ogio Layover Travel Bag Review
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Key Features:
  • High-Quality Material
  • Large Size Main Compartment
  • Inside Accessory Pocket
  • Two Front Pockets for Rapdily Used Items
  • Inside Mesh Pockets
  • Inside Compression Straps
  • Durable Hardware
  • Smooth and Strong Wheels 
  • Strong Telescopic Handle With Two-Stage Feature
  • Multiple Easily Grab Handles
  • The wheels quality is very well
  • Enough room to keep your slippers and shoes
  • Very Expandable to keep extra stuff
  • Easy to use the handle
  • The zippers are very smooth and reliable
  • Look sharp and stylish
  • The wheels of the bag produce a little bit of sound, but it would be hard for anyone to hear it. This only happen when the bag is fully loaded

Ending Points:

So this was a quick and easy to read OGIO Layover Travel Bag Review where I discuss all the points of the bag. We hope you have got all the essential points and knowledge about the bag. The bag has 4.8 ratings on amazon with too many positive reviews, this is only because of its tons of useful features and quality material.

The bag is not so cheap but also not a very high price. But if you want a single package of useful features and a high-quality material travel bag then you should invest in the Ogio Layover Travel Bag. 

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