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The Ruvalino Diaper Bag combines both style and comfort with tons of multiple valuable features. Besides the style and comfort, the bag is also spacious enough to hold all the baby use essentials. That is why I have given a short and quick Ruvalino Diaper Bag review. Here I would let you get all the essential information.

That may be the bag’s specifications, including the bag’s size, weight, and the pack’s material quality. Furthermore, you will get complete information about the bag’s features, if it is the shoulder straps of the backpack or the compartments, everything I would cover here. Now scroll down and get all the points in a few minutes.

Size and Weight of Ruvalino Diaper Backpack

If it comes to the bag’s size, the width of the bag is 7.8 inches, and the length of the bag is 11.8 inches. The bag has enough height and has 16.5 inches. If it comes to the bag’s weight, the bag’s weight in pounds is 1.78lbs, and in kilogram, it is 0.80kg.

Material Quality of Ruvalino Diaper Bag

When it comes to the material of the bag, the company uses waterproof polyester fabric. This polyester material is very lightweight, which would not burden you, and you will feel much better when you carry the load. Also, the material has a strong surface quality which will provide tear-resistance and better deform resistance.

Here the waterproof quality doesn’t mean that you keep the bag in the water. You would be lost your stuff with this mistake. Waterproof quality means when it is raining, or you mistakenly keep the load on the roadside. Your property would be safe and clean.

So if you get your point here, then click the below image to purchase the bag. Otherwise, scroll down to the features section of the Ruvalino Diaper Bag review.

Ruvalino Diaper Bag Review
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Multiple Useful Features of Ruvalino Diaper Bag Backpack

After the specification of the bag, now we are in the features section, where we would discuss all the essential features of the Ruvalino Diaper Bag one by one.

Two Large Main Compartments

As I mentioned in the introduction part of this article, this diaper bag has tons of space; it has two large-sized main compartments. These compartments also have essential internal pockets. One of the main rooms also has a well-padded laptop section. So if it is necessary to carry a laptop with you, you can carry out any difficulty.

Besides the laptop section, the main compartments have enough space to take all your essentials. That may be your baby clothes, diapers, a tiny baby doll, and some other baby accessories. You can keep all this stuff in the main pockets, which are secured with strong quality zippers.


Excellent Insulated Bottle Pocket

Before the discussion of the insulated bottle pocket, let’s discuss first what is insulated pocket and how it works? The insulated pocket is made of thermally insulating material. The insulated pocket keeps the hot coffee hot and the cold drink cold for a long time.

The Ruvalino Diaper Bag also has an insulated pocket with two inside small bottle pockets, where you can keep your baby milk bottle. Whenever your baby gets hungry in the way, feed him with fresh and hot milk.

Easy-Grab Handle

The bag has a durable carry handle that is easy to grab. You can use the carry handle when the bag is not fully loaded. It would help you to carry the load through one hand with some style.

Padded and Adjustable Shoulder Straps

When it comes to the second carry option of the ruvalino diaper bag backpack, it has strong and fully padded shoulder straps. Now you can use the shoulder straps when the bag is fully loaded.

The shoulder straps of the bag are also adjustable. If you feel uncomfortable with the default size, then resize the shoulder straps on your shoulder. This would decrease pressure on your shoulders too. Feel free, carry the bag with shoulder straps and move on without any stress.

Front Easy Access Mommy Pocket

Every mom uses some stuff during travel time or any other place; it may be a tablet, a small storybook, a wallet, and a mobile phone. That is why the company added some space that helps mom. A mommy pocket is located at the front of the bag, where you would keep all your stuff safe and secure.

This stuff is also called frequently used items, so you would not be engaged with the main compartments any more, simply put all the rapidly used items in the front pocket and keep your mind in some piece.

Efficient Side Pockets

Everyone needs a side pocket in his bag that could help her/him to hold a water bottle and much other small stuff. But don’t worry, the Ruvalino Diaper Bag has efficient side small pockets that can hold water bottles and a small size umbrella to.

Also, if you need a pack with a lunch compartment and can hold your laptop and all other stuff. Then check out one of my latest articles work bag with lunch compartment. Read the linked one article; otherwise, scroll down to the bag’s quick list of essential features.

Ruvalino Diaper Bag Review
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Key Features:
  • High-Quality Waterproof Polyester Fabric
  • Two Large Enough Main Compartments 
  • Two Side Pockets to Hold Water Bottle
  • Front Insulated Pocket for Milk Bottles
  • Special Mommy Pocket Located at the front of the Bag
  • Easy-Grab Carry Handle
  • Well Padded and Adjustable Shoulder Straps 
  • The main compartment is very easy to use, you can zip and unzip the main compartment with one hand very easily
  • Tons of pockets to organize all your stuff
  • The bag size is not so huge but has tons of space
  • With too many features, the bag is also very comfortable
  • Excellent quality outer fabric makes the bag a top choice
  • A little bit of cheap inner lining, but not a big issue works great with regular use
  • I think there are no other cons of this diaper bag, that is why people give always positive review on this pack

Ending Points:

So it was all about the RUVALINO Diaper Bag review. Here I discuss all the points about the bag if it is the size and weight of the bag or the material of the bag. Also, I have covered all the key features one by one with a brief explanation, that would help you to use each feature properly.

If you also have the baby stroller to carry the kid, you can connect this diaper bag with a baby stroller easily through stroller clips that the bag has. Now it depends on you how well and properly uses each and every feature of the bag to make your job easier. Also, the price of the bag is very affordable and will come under your budget.

I hope your search would end here. So if you purchase the bag, please give small and quick feedback in the comment section, this short feedback would help our readers.

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