9 Best Sling Backpack With Water Bottle Holder | Updated 2021

To keep your body level balanced and remove extra fats, you must be hiking, But do you know that while hiking, water is the essential item you need to bring with yourself. It isn’t comfortable to put the water bottle in a backpack without a bottle holder.

You would probably need a sling backpack with a water bottle holder that keeps your water bottle away from other essential equipment.

It would be better to carry a portable bag with yourself while hiking or just for an outing that has an incredibly unique feature for the water bottle.

In this article, we have compiled the top 9 practical sling backpack with a water bottle holder that would help you to hydrate yourself during an outing.

Now, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to check all the packs one by one, which we have explained with a detailed description. We have also included the pros and cons and key features of each product only to save your important time.

sling backpack with water bottle holder

Top 9 Best Sling Backpack With Water Bottle Holder

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1. Genuine Leather Smart Sling Bag – Best Leather Sling Bag With Water Bottle Holder

Best Leather Sling Bag With Water Bottle Holder


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: Unique Retro Bag.
  • Brand: 2 Pounds.

The Genuine Leather Smart Sling Bag is a suitable package for all hiking and travelling lovers interested in today’s modern technology sling bags with a water bottle holder feature.

This sling shoulder bag with a water bottle holder has a cowhide leather construction that is much durable and sturdy.

The bag has YKK zippers that are strong and sturdy enough to secure the bag pockets. Also, the bag’s stitching is tight and well constructed with heavy-duty hardware that would feel you a real feeling of leather.

In today’s modern world, everyone has a smartphone for accessible communication, but how would you charge it when you are out of the home.

But don’t worry, this sling bag also has a USB charging port tech backpack. You can quickly charge the phone during hiking, travelling, or at outing without any difficulty.

This sling bag also has tons of space. The main compartment is large enough to fit up to an eleven-inch tablet, also has a small inner sleeve for 9.2 inches tablet.

It can also hold a notebook and some paperwork. The two easy-access front pockets, one has two internal slots of ID card or Passport. There is a small back pocket that would help you to keep your keys all other small items.

The bag has multi carry design; it means that you can carry the load on your gear and your chest to anti-theft. All these features makes the pack the best sling backpack with water bottle holder.

Key Features:

  • High Quality Cowhide Leather
  • Quality YKK Zippers
  • Durable Water Bottle Holder Inside the bag
  • Long Enough Shoulder Strap
    • Also removable and adjustable
  • Breathable Back System
    • Would not let your back sweaty
  • Tons of Pockets
  • Organized Inside Sleeves
  • USB Charging Port
  • Modern And Tech Friendly Design
  • Well construction
  • High-quality stitching
  • Very portable
  • Slim design
  • Best for both male and female
  • Unbalance when fully loaded, but it may be due to wrong use

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2. KAVU Paxton Pack Rope Sling Bag – Cross Body Bags With Water Bottle Holder

Cross Body Bags With Water Bottle Holder


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 13 Ounces.
  • Brand: KAVU.

The KAVU Paxton Pack Rope Sling Crossbody Bag has a charming sling backpack with the construction of two types of material, which means fifty person cotton and fifty per cent 600D polyester fabric that is strong enough to carry your stuff easily, and a large main compartment that also has an inside mesh pocket to keep small items as well.

The bag looks small in size but can carry extra stuff you would need in your travelling time. This is all because of its practical design and shape.

As I have mentioned the design and shape in the above para, the comfy teardrop shape makes the bag to carry it easily. The crossbody strap is large enough to fit perfectly on your shoulder, perfect and easy to adjust. Now it depends on how you would like to fit the belt on your shoulder.

The side pocket is pocket of the bag is enough to hold a water bottle, also has enough storage to keep the amount of stuff as much as you have on hiking.

Key Features:

  • Practical Design
  • Large Enough Main Pocket
    • One mesh pocket inside the main compartment
  • Side Mesh Water Bottle Pocket
  • Long Enough Shoulder Strap
    • It would fit well on your shoulder very easily
  • Super Handy Sling
  • Use can also use the water bottle pocket to keep your glasses as well
  • Very easy to use
  • Perfect organization
  • Very portable
  • Look small in size

3. Lug Archer Sling Backpack – Best Small Sling Backpack With Water Bottle Holder

Best small Sling Backpack With Water Bottle Holder


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 0.65 lb.
  • Brand: Lug.

If you feel pain in your shoulder and could not carry a sling bag of its thick shoulder strap, then the Lug Archer Sling Backpack With Water Bottle Pouch has a soft and fully padded shoulder strap that would not feel you any pain, and you would carry this sling bag without any difficulty.

Also, the pack’s shoulder strap is adjustable; you can fit the bag on your shoulder as you want. Also, a durable carry handle located at the top of the bag would make you carry the load through your hand and hang it everywhere through the carrying handle.

A large enough main compartment of this sling bag can hold a small tablet, a notebook, and other small items. Also, a small internal pocket where you would keep a wallet or a Passport.

The side water bottle holder is expandable and is enough to easily hold a beer or a water bottle. Easy access front pocket which would help you to keep your last minute items.

Key Features:

  • Durable Polyester Lining
  • Excellent Tote Handle
  • Strong Handle
  • Spacious Main Compartment
    • Small internal pocket
  • Easy Access Front Pocket
  • Expandable Water Bottle Holder
  • Long Enough Shoulder Strap
    • Also padded and adjustable
  • Slim Design
  • Quality Material
  • Excellent water pouch that opens and expand
  • Adjustable shoulder strap perfect for those who have a fuller figure
  • Easy to clean
  • Very organized
  • Easy portability
  • Not so large

4. Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag – Best Messenger Bag With Water Bottle Holder

Best Messenger Bag With Water Bottle Holder


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 0.16 ounces.
  • Brand: Travelon.

The Travelon Anti-Theft Classic sling backpack with an anti-theft bag means the bag is much secure than other sling backpacks; this security is because of chain link construction and cable reinforced.

This roomy bag has a large enough main pocket with internal RFID pockets features and one zipper pocket that can hold a passport and ID card. The main compartment also has card slots, where you would keep several cards at a time.

Also, an interior key clip is built especially for the key to hold it and even an LED light, which would help you to find small items inside the bag.

The shoulder strap is long enough and robust construction that would fit on your shoulder; you would also wear the bag in a crossbody style. The bag shoulder strap is also adjustable that would fit easily on your shoulder.

Key Features:

  • Useful Anti-Theft Features
  • Large Main Compartment
    • Secured with a zipper
  • Easy Access Large Front Pocket
  • Side Mesh Water Bottle Pocket
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Small Internal LED feature
  • Several Card Slots
  • Durable Hardware
  • Strong enough zippers
  • Several useful pockets
  • Very easy to carry
  • Portable enough
  • A little bit small in size

5. Travelon Anti-Theft Active Tour Sling Bag – Anti-Theft Sling Bag With Water Bottle Holder

Anti-Theft Sling Bag With Water Bottle Holder


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces.
  • Brand: Travelon.

The Travelon Anti-Theft Active Tour Sling Bag has an excellent anti-theft feature because of builtin slash-resistant straps. Feel safe and relax during your travelling time; nobody would slash the bag from your shoulder forcibly.

Not only a slash-resistant strap but also the sling bag’s whole body has a slash-resistant structure. It means that the front, back, side, and bottom of the bag have stainless steel mesh features between the fabric and the lining at the bag’s outer. This feature provides ultra-security to the bag.

Nowadays, everyone has several commercial cards in his wallet that make him bored sometimes. Still, dont worry, this useful sling bag with a water bottle holder has several card slots that would keep your commercial cards, ATM card, and ID card safe and secure from thieves.

Furthermore, if you go away from your bag, you would lock the bag with the chair by locking strap feature and making yourself free for some time. The bag compartment has a lockable zipper feature; you could safely and secure your essentials without any hesitation.

The side pocket is enough to hold the water bottle or any other beverages and can be expandable when you need to expand the side pocket.

Key Features:

  • Very Roomy Main Compartment
  • Excellent RFID Blocking Pocket Feature
  • Several Useful Card Slots
  • Side Water Bottle Holder
  • Easy Access Front Pocket
    • You would be able to use this pocket for last-minute items
  • One Back Zipper Pocket
  • Durable Slash Resistant Straps
  • The straps are thick so they cant be cut
  • Very well made
  • Very sturdy and comfortable
  • The cross-body straps are temper proof
  • Very secure
  • Doesn’t stand on its own because of its flat bottom

6. Mens Sling Crossbody Waterproof Backpack – Waterproof Sling Backpack 

Waterproof Sling Backpack with Water Bottle Holder


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 1.1 Pounds.
  • Brand: Niceer.

If you need a water-resistant sling and has a water bottle holder with some technical features, then Men’s Sling Crossbody Waterproof Backpack is a great choice.

The bag has a nice technology feature; it has a charging port that would help you to charge your phone on your way. The main compartment of the bag is large enough to hold all your stuff at a time. You can put your notebooks, headphones, a separate tablet sleeve, which would keep your tablet safe and secure.

There are three small pockets inside the main compartment, two pockets for your charging bank and mobile phone, one small zipper pocket for your wallet or ID card. Also, a large size mesh pocket that is secure with a zipper.

The shoulder strap is thick and fully padded that would cover your shoulder; also, a small card pocket located on the shoulder strap to access your ID card quickly. Overall this sling bag with water bottle holder has all those features that are required in this modern world.

Key Features:

  • Tons of Space
  • Large Enough Main Pocket
  • Inside Tablet Sleeve
    • Secure with strap
  • Small Internal Pockets
  • Side Water Bottle Holder
  • Fully Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Durable Hardware
  • One Card Pocket on the Strap for Easy Access
  • Convenient design
  • Great for electronic items
  • The zippers are strong and secure
  • Very portable
  • Stylish and tech-friendly
  • A little bit small in size
  • Not for a large amount stuff

7. Hanke Sling Bag with USB Port Water Resistant Sling Backpack

Best Water Resistant Sling Backpack


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 0.92 lb.
  • Brand: Hanke.

The Hanke Sling Bag with USB Port and water bottle holder is a multifunctional sling backpack because of its unique design compartments that would store your items. Multifunctional means that the bag has a water bottle pocket, cell phone slot, shoulder straps that have reversible hook features, and strap pocket.

The reversible and flexible shoulder strap makes the bag easy to wear for both lefties and righties. You can also adjust the shoulder strap to what size you want, and well fit on your shoulder, either you wear it on your right or left.

There is also a USB charger inside the bag and a charging cable outside the bag; this feature would help you charge your phone while walking.

When it comes to the weight of the bag, it is a very lightweight and comfortable cross-body backpack with a water bottle holder that would be easy to carry on a long walk.

Key Features:

  • 100% Polyester Fabric
  • Durable Carry Handle
  • Padded and Thick Shoulder Strap
  • Excellent High-Density Polyester Lining
  • USB Charger and Cable
  • Durable Water Bottle Pocket
  • Holds everything you need
  • Very well size for a day out
  • Built well
  • Well placed pocket and useful
  • Small inside
  • Not a medium size bag

8. Large Sling Backpack with Water Bottle Holder

Best Large Sling Backpack with Water Bottle Pouch

  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 1.20 Pounds.
  • Brand: LAMMOK.

If you need a large size sling bag that has a water bottle holder and has some useful features that should help you during your travelling time than this large size sling backpack with water bottle holder has all these qualities.

This sling backpack has multiple handy pockets, both external and internal, which makes the bag organized. The pain compartment has enough space to hold all your stuff, separate fourteen-inch laptop sleeve, and a small zipper pocket inside the main pocket which can hold a waller and some other small items.

It has very easy access two front pockets, one is large enough to hold your tablet and the second one is small in size, that can keep your last minute small items. Both pockets are secured with zippers.

The shoulder strap is very and padded, also adjustable; and you would carry it on your shoulder easily and comfortably.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Side Pocket for water
  • Laptop Sleeve Inside the Main Compartment
  • Easy Access Front Zipper Pocket
  • Durable Carry Handle Sleeve
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Tons of Pockets
  • Tons of Space
  • Very stylish and perfect for a laptop
  • The shoulder strap is enough to handle all your stuff
  • The exterior pocket is very roomy for this sling bag
  • Very portable
  • The laptop compartment is not padded

9. Larswon Sling Laptop Backpack With water bottle pocket

Sling Laptop Backpack with Water Bottle Pocket


  • Product Price: $$.
  • Weight: 1.50 lbs.
  • Brand: Larswon.

If you are looking for a sling bag that is not big and not a small, then Larswon Sling Laptop Backpack is a perfect one to choose that for yourself that is well made and with excellent stitching. If you are a laptop user, then the bag has a very durable laptop sleeve which is well padded and secure.

The main compartment is very roomy, capable of holding your clothes and a notebook, and would still space at the outer pockets for your extra stuff.

Very comfortable to wear, the side water bottle pocket is very easy to access. The front pockets very well placed in this bag, and you would use that for your last minute items.

The shoulder strap is well-padded and adjustable to fit it well on your shoulder. Also, the shoulder has a mesh system that would not keep your shoulder fresh and clean.

Key Features:

  • Tons of storage
  • Separate Laptop SLeeve
  • It Can Also Hold a Tablet as well
  • Soft and Mesh Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Easy Access Two Front Pockets
  • Side Water Bottle Holder
  • Not so Small nor Large
  • Well made construction
  • Strong stitching
  • Medium size
  • Very roomy
  • The shoulder sling is a little uncomfortable

Final Thoughts:

If you have read the complete article, then I hope that you have collected all the information about the sling backpack with water bottle holder. These packs that I briefly described in the above paragraphs are very portable and easy to carry for travel, hiking or for an outing.

These packs all have features that a modern sling backpack has, now it depends on you that how could you use all those features to make your travel easy.

And if you purchase any one of them, then let us know in the comment section about the pack, it will help our readers to select a perfect one for themself.

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