What Are The Loops On My Backpack For? | Use Each Loop of the Backpack Efficiently.

What Are The Loops On My Backpack For? | Use Each Loop of the Backpack Efficiently.

Hello, welcome here. The question usually arises in everyone’s mind what are the loops on my backpack for? who sees several loops in his pack.

And that’s a question where it should be because whenever someone buys a bag from the market, the shopkeeper doesn’t tell them which loop comes in handy in which situation.

Someone has said well that knowledge is great wealth. Whenever a person is out for hiking or travelling, if he cannot use his backpack loops properly at that time, he gets into trouble. So at that time, he does something wrong and either harms himself or his pack.

So if you buy a good backpack and you can’t take full advantage of it, it will be detrimental to you. That’s why I’ve explained all the loops of the backpack in this whole article that got you in trouble.

If you try to read all these loops one by one carefully, I hope you will come to know how to use it in a few minutes, and you will be able to benefit from it.

what are the loops on my backpack for

What Are The Loops On My Backpack For; Lets Dig Inside

There are usually a lot of loops in a pack, Which are made by the company side. Now, if you know how to use these loops of the bag, So it will be beneficial for you; otherwise, you will not be able to benefit from the pack that people are getting. In this article, I have mentioned all the essential loops in a bag you can use to take full advantage of one.

Compression Cord

Compression cord
Compression Cord

Almost every pack contains these unconventional straps that criss-cross the sides. They are called pressure straps and sometimes called compression belts.


The main purpose is to drop the load near the frame of the packaging, bringing the weight and mass closer to your back to better transfer weight and balance, in other words, more comfort.

When fully tied properly, the pressure belts help you avoid bogie-Woogie while jogging to Mt. Lottasteps. Besides providing little pressure, the side straps:

Backpack with Handle Sleeve.

How to make your backpack lighter.

Side Compression Straps

Side pressure straps are found on the left and right sides of your packaging halfway down the packaging. Flat belts are usually adjustable. When stretched, they will press your back to get rid of any extra space.

Side Compression Straps

This is useful because the more you move away from your bundle or, the more it hangs, the more pressure it puts on your back. You want your bag to be close to your back.

Sternum Straps

sternum straps

Sternum straps link is here, help to disperse the weight of the backpack from your shoulders slightly, but not much. Its main purpose is to prevent shoulder straps from slipping off your arms when moving and insert them slightly inward so that your arms can move freely.

Load Lifter Straps

Load Lifter Straps

The load lift straps also reduce your shoulders from some of the backpack’s weight by bringing the bag forward to take the centre of the block inward. Always help when you have a high load in your pack; it will take you straight.

Skate Board Straps 

What Are The Loops On My Backpack For? | Use Each Loop of the Backpack Efficiently.

Skateboard straps or “Skate Belts” are two large straps that are horizontally placed on the front of the backpack to carry the skateboard. The straps themselves are usually attached to a clip or velcro to secure the surface of the skateboard on the front of the pack.

Backpacks with skateboard straps are generally much lower outdoors and instead focus on carrying them daily for school or urban carrying.

Pig Snout

Do you see these diamonds or square spots with two pieces on the back of the case? These are attachment points and have a purpose as well. This point is everyone’ problem and they search on the internet the topic what are the loops on my backpack for.

You can tie your climbing ring and any other items you choose to keep on the outside of your bag using the pig snout. Most of the camps argue that these two points of eyelashes resemble a pig’s nose, hence the name.

Pig Snout
Pig Snout

It’s great for attaching things that may not fit your bag or just want to keep it outside for one reason or another. Some ideas hang up your jacket if you twist it and use a piece of string.

Or if you have a carabiner, you can attach a water bottle. If you have some dirty shoes that you need to carry, you can always tie the laces with the neap of lash tabs and use them to keep the inside of the bag clean.

Hydration Bladder

The hydration leader is an essential part of each bag that you fill with clean water and

hydration packs
Hydration Bladder

that you use for a long time the water that stays cool.

Now if you go for biking or hiking or go on a long journey, you don’t have a water bottle, don’t worry if you have one bag that has a hydration bladder this would help you to hydrate your body through your journey. You can also put your stuff in the compartments of the pack.

Hydration packs are also essential at raves or festivals, especially if you don’t want to waste time on water refilling lines or to drink suspect lemonade

G Hooks of a Pack

g hooks of a pack

You may also find a variety of G-hooks around the backpack. While for these various uses, they are often clipped onto pressure tapes, floating covers, and loop bands to attach items such as a tent or sleeping pillows.

The problem with these hooks is that they won’t work effectively unless they fit well into the rings. So make sure to tighten it properly when attaching your equipment so that it does not become a nuisance when starting to move.

Buckles of a Backpack

buckles of a backpack

These are more than the hardware parts of the rings and are used to tie shear belts and hip belts together. Most of them are made of plastic, but sometimes, they may collide with metal ones as well.

If there is no buckle in a strap pa the pack then that strap will be useless, I mean, they are small in size, but the work is big and considerable.

Handles or a Sleeve of a Backpack 

A regular backpack has a strap or handles on top, usually between the shoulder strap. This is generally known as a grab handle or a haul strap, and as the name suggests, it is what you use to lift your backpack when you want to tie it to the back.

backpack handles

Just hold it with your left hand, lift the package, then use the right hand and rotate it to your back so you can tie the shoulder ropes.

If you need to pull your bag while walking to give your back and shoulders a little break, you can use the grip handle to accomplish this. In most cases, the transfer tapes are entirely lined.

If you have a giant bag, you may notice that you have many of these things to make carrying your luggage much more susceptible.

Frames of a Backpack

The purpose of the frame is to take the weight of the backpack load and help distribute it to the hip strap. This is why backpack racks are usually reserved for outdoor technical backpacks that are manufactured to carry large bulk loads over long periods.

You are more likely to encounter tire sheets for small bags like day bags, tactical travel bags, and travel bags. Typical daily backpacks are likely to have absolutely nothing.

Internal  Frame Backpack

By comparison, the internal frame packs link is here, are more elegant and shape-friendly. It holds the load near the body, making it more stable in rugged lanes and when rolling out of the lane. A smaller profile is also less likely to be picked up with brush, branches or rock faces.

External Frame Backpack

External frame packs link is here, are easy to define with their square bag and visible frame elements, which are useful for installing on bulky equipment, which is why hunters and hunters kits may use them. External frame packs are best suited for well-maintained and well thought out tracks.

internal and external frame backpack


Now the main purpose of this article was to guide you about the topic of what are the loops on my backpack for? , I’m very sure that your mind will be clear with some points about my research. Once more, be sure that anything you attach to your backpack using backpack loops is secure and will not be moved.

Whether you choose to add equipment such as helmets or ice axes, wet or dirty clothing, including other attachment points, their flexibility, and easy access is the real advantage of backpack loops.

From the above paragraphs, we have to notice one thing nothing is useless in a backpack until we get complete information about it and learn in a proper manner how we can use every part of the bag.

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